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Updated 15 January 2022
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Tired of logging in to your support site every time a client answers a ticket? With the e-mail support add-on you can reply directly by e-mail!  Users can even create a new ticket and account by simply sending an email to your designated support address!

Whenever something happens on your support site (a client opens a new ticket, an agent replies to an existing ticket, etc), an e-mail notification is sent out automatically.

With this add-on enabled, there is no longer a need to log into the support site to reply to a ticket. Agents and clients can simply reply to the e-mail and their message will automatically be added to the ticket.

To use this add-on you will need an e-mail address dedicated to the support system. You won’t need to check the inbox; Awesome Support will do it for you.

At a frequency you decide, the system will check your inbox. If there is an e-mail from a client or from an agent, the system will retrieve it, delete it from the inbox and add it to the ticket’s discussion. Of course, a new e-mail notification will then be sent to the proper person.

Here is an example of what this add-on allows:

  1. John raises a new support ticket,
  2. Robert, the agent assigned to John’s case, gets an e-mail notification
  3. Robert replies to this e-mail directly without even opening his web browser
  4. Awesome Support notices the e-mail, fetches it and adds Robert’s reply to the ticket
  5. An e-mail is automatically sent to John to notify him that Robert replied to his ticket

As you can see, once the ticket has been opened, there is usually no need to ever log into the system.

Core Features

  • Automatically checks a dedicated email in-box and creates or updates tickets seamlessly
  • Configure handling for email replies to closed tickets (re-open ticket or reject the reply with a customer-friendly message)
  • Supports any POP3 or IMAP inbox including popular free email services such as Gmail and
  • Supports the standard email security protocols such as SSL and TLS
  • Saves unrecognized emails in an “Unassigned” folder – you can decide what to do with them later – no email is ignored
  • Saves the email meta-data to help with handling unrecognized email addresses
  • Saves attachments sent with emails
  • You can control whether an account is automatically created for unrecognized email addresses

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