Awesome Support

Updated 15 January 2022
The Agent Front-end add-on for Awesome Support provides a simple interface for your agents to handle basic ticket tas...
Updated 15 January 2022
Do you need a way to manage tickets that have been abandoned by users?  How many times have you had to go through you...
Updated 15 January 2022
The easiest way to support your customers - email!
Updated 15 January 2022
The Awesome Support Documentation add-on fills a critical piece of your support infrastructure – end-user documentati...
Updated 15 January 2022
Ensure your processes and procedures are followed for each ticket type
Updated 15 January 2022
Tired of answering the same questions over and over? With the FAQ addon, you can easily create FAQs and publish them ...
Updated 15 January 2022
Ticket collaboration made easier!
Updated 15 January 2022
Collect important user information at the time they are most willing to provide it - when registering for support!
Updated 15 January 2022
Infuse some Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) into your help-desk and support operations.
Updated 15 January 2022
Have you ever wanted to collect tickets on sites that are not your own site?  Or maybe you wanted to collect tickets ...
Updated 15 January 2022
Easily manage multiple tickets that are the result of the same underlying issue
Updated 21 December 2021
Integrate a guided tour of FAQs, Documentation and other help resources before a user opens a ticket
Updated 16 November 2021
Get 50+ additional powerful features for your Awesome Support help-desk WordPress plugin! With these features you can...
Updated 10 October 2021
Let your customers open new tickets with just one click from their EDD account screen. Optionally validate license keys.
Updated 9 August 2021
Add private notes to tickets that only your agents and admins can see.
Updated 19 June 2021
Collect important user information at the time they are most willing to provide it - when registering for support!
Updated 6 June 2021
Do you run a support operation with multiple agents and need to track performance and other metrics?   If so, this is...
Updated 10 November 2020
Powerful rules based ticket-handling is the domain of this add-on to the Awesome Support WordPress Helpdesk Plugin.  ...
Updated 13 October 2020
Assign the most qualified agent to your tickets - the right agent on the right ticket makes for very happy customers.
Updated 13 October 2020
Create completely custom ticket forms using the leading form builder for WordPress.
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