Restaurants & Cafes

Updated 3 March 2023
Caverta is a restaurant WordPress theme that is suitable for all type of restaurant businesses: fine dining, cafe, ba...
Linguini – Restaurant Wordpress Theme
Updated 12 January 2023
Linguini WordPress theme suitable for any kind and size of the restaurant, cafe, bistro, pub, winery, farm, bar or an...
Pizzaro – Fast Food & Restaurant Woocommerce Theme
Updated 23 December 2022
Fast Food & Restaurant WooCommerce Theme
Updated 7 October 2022
Everything you need to publish beautiful, SEO-solid recipes on your WordPress blog.
Updated 7 July 2022
Korina is an easy to configure WordPress theme for bars, restaurants & cafés. Reflect your business’s missi...
Cssigniter – Carbone Wordpress Theme
Updated 7 July 2022
Looking for a flexible theme for your Cafe / Bar / Restaurant business? Look no further. Reflect your business’...
Hotel Listing
Updated 8 June 2022
Build Paid listing Directory using WordPress.No programming knowledge required. Just install and use it. The plugin w...
Updated 31 March 2022
Tasty Pins allows you to optimize your blog’s images for Pinterest, SEO, and screen readers. It’s a win, win, win!
Majesty – Restaurant Woocommerce Wordpress Theme
Updated 5 January 2022
Majesty – Restaurant WooCommerce WordPress Theme, Imagine what you can do with Majesty for your website MultiPurpose ...
Updated 12 November 2021
Automagically create links for specific keywords across your blog with just a few clicks
Rosa – An Exquisite Restaurant Wordpress Theme
Updated 10 March 2021
ROSA is a daring WordPress theme build to help restaurant and other culinary owners to shape an experience that peopl...
Updated 5 March 2021
The perfect solution to create a beautiful website not just for restaurants and coffee shops, but for any business lo...
Updated 16 January 2021
FEATURES User Ratings Users can rate each recipe with a star rating or thumbs up/down (you choose). Most noteworthy, ...
Cristiano Restaurant - Cafe & Restaurant Wordpress Woocommerce Theme
Updated 19 December 2020
This responsive WordPress theme is perfect solution for Restaurants, Cafes, Fast Foods, Pizzerias, and Cafeterias. Fe...
Updated 19 June 2020
Build the perfect website for your restaurant or cafe. Beautiful menus, online ordering, table reservations, and more...
Studiopress Brunch Pro Theme
Updated 4 September 2019
Brunch Pro is the little sister of the #1 selling Genesis theme, Foodie Pro, and boasts excellent features like font ...
Yith Remy – A Simple And Tasty Food And Restaurant Wordpress Theme
Updated 2 August 2019
A Simple And Tasty Food And Restaurant Wordpress Theme
Lemonchili – A Restaurant Wordpress Theme
Updated 9 June 2019
LemonChili is a premium, responsive WordPress theme with special features for restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs, events...
Nuvo – Cafe & Restaurant Wordpress Theme
Updated 19 April 2019
Nuvo Wordpress theme has got everything you need to make managing your restaurant easier. With a menu builder, reserv...
Yith Panarea – Restaurant And Food Wordpress Theme
Updated 13 April 2019
Restaurant And Food Wordpress Theme
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