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Download pack is a time-based download package that you can purchase as many as you want to increase your daily download credits. For example, you've already had a Geek pack with 60 credits per month, but for some urgent reason, you want to double that credits, then you can purchase another Geek pack to achieve that.

Yes. But you can always cancel your pack(s) anytime in your account page.

Generally, no. The items don't come with license/purchase code. You have to download the updated versions on our site again for the updates.

You can download the updated versions as long as you have a valid download pack.

You're NOT allowed to resell the items downloaded here on your or other websites. Your account and download packs will be suspended if we discover that you are sharing the items here. And you are not refunded for the current packs either.

No, we download the items directly from the developers or from our trusted providers who agree to share the items with us. And they are by no means the nulled community e.g WpLocker or something like that. Doing that we can provide the service to you at a much more reasonable price compared to direct buying or to other GPL sites.

The refund decision is made by us. We'll consider each of the cases. But generally, you should thoroughly consider if you want to use our service or not. We're providing you thousands of items at a very low price, so please don't ask for a refund if just one single item doesn't work the way you want.

We'll issue the refund via PayPal. You don't need to request for a refund in PayPal, just ask for a refund using our contact form.

No, at least at the moment. Anyway we'll inform you when it comes out.

See them at your "My Account" home page.