Updated 1 June 2023
Complianz is a GDPR/CCPA Cookie Consent plugin that supports GDPR, DSGVO, LGPD, POPIA, APA, RGPD, CCPA and PIPEDA with a...
Updated 30 May 2023
The convenient way to hide your WordPress from being visible through the code. A huge improvement over Site Security since...
Updated 16 May 2023
This plugins block spam submissions using honeypot anti spam technic. No Captcha or extra verification field hassle to the users....
Updated 15 May 2023
Regular security scans, vulnerability reports, safety recommendations and hardening for WordPress.
Updated 11 May 2023
The #1 WordPress activity log plugin
Updated 3 May 2023
The best WordPress security plugin to secure & protect WordPress.
Updated 2 May 2023
Security is the most important concern nowadays for any website or an eCommerce store. Because of automated tools and bots...
Updated 28 April 2023
Protect your WordPress website from unauthorized access and malware
Updated 27 April 2023
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) standardizes data protection law across all 28 EU countries and imposes strict new rules...
Updated 24 April 2023
Cookie Banner and Consent Management for your WordPress website – easy to be legally compliant Obtain GDPR and ePrivacy Directive...
Updated 18 April 2023
Ensuring the safety of your WordPress website is now easy
Updated 13 April 2023
Defends WordPress against hacker attacks, spam, trojans, and malware. Mitigates brute-force attacks by limiting the number of login attempts through...
Updated 12 April 2023
NinjaFirewall (WP+ Edition) is a true Web Application Firewall. Although it can be installed and configured just like a plugin, it...
Updated 30 March 2023
Secure your website. Protect your business.
Updated 29 March 2023
User Activity Log Pro WordPress plugin is a powerful and strong monitor system to track your users and team activities....
Updated 28 March 2023
Updated 27 March 2023
The fastest WordPress firewall plugin.
Updated 9 January 2023
Amazing Security Plugin for WordPress
Updated 1 January 2023
A LIGHTWEIGHT, FAST AND POWERFUL ANTIVIRUS SCANNER FOR WORDPRESS. NinjaScanner is a lightweight, fast and powerful antivirus scanner for WordPress...
Updated 10 December 2022
Block users from certain domains from registering in your site. This the the PRO Version. The WordPress email registration blacklist...
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