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Updated 12 January 2018
Adds integration support for Page Builder Plugins. This plugin allows to conveniently translate sites that are built with page builders...
Updated 8 March 2023
Add multilingual support for Gravity Forms. Allows translating Gravity Forms. You will be able to create a form in your...
Updated 21 August 2018
This ‘glue’ plugin makes it easier to translate with WPML content provided in MailChimp for WordPress plugin.  
Updated 10 September 2020
Adds CMS navigation elements to sites built with WPML.
Updated 3 May 2023
WPML extension for Advanced Custom Fields This ‘glue’ plugin makes it easier to translate with WPML content provided in fields...
Updated 17 August 2021
Add a complete translation process for WPML. This addon adds a complete translation process for WPML. When your clients receive...
Updated 6 September 2023
Adds theme and plugins localization capabilities to WPM. Anything that doesn’t fall inside posts, pages or taxonomy goes into String...
Updated 20 August 2020
This addon for WPML prevents internal links from ever breaking.
Updated 10 December 2021
Import multilingual content to WordPress. Requires WP All Import & WPML.
Updated 20 June 2023
Add multilingual support for Media files. This plugin allows using the WordPress Gallery in different languages. You can control which...
Updated 10 June 2023
Compatibility and Functionality Added the ability to translate Sensei plugin’s custom post type “Questions”. Added the ability to translate serialized...
Updated 19 August 2022
Yoast SEO plugin makes it easy to optimize your site for search engines. Together with WPML, you can use it to tune...
Updated 27 February 2023
The Easy Way to Translate CF7 Forms
Updated 19 June 2023
Creating Multilingual Forms Using Ninja Forms and WPML
Updated 20 June 2023
WPForms is a plugin for adding any kind of contact forms to your WordPress site.
Updated 8 May 2023
WPML Redirect based on IP Country let’s you show content that your users understand! The much needed feature for WPML:redirect...
Updated 17 December 2021
BuddyPress is a social network plugin for online communities. With it, your users can register, create user profiles and groups,...
Updated 19 May 2023
WPML GraphQL extends the capabilities of the WPGraphQL plugin, making it the ideal solution for developers looking to create multilingual...

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