Affiliatewp – Affiliate Marketing Plugin For Wordpress
Updated 23 February 2023
Recruit and cultivate affiliates with the help of an online experience they will love
Affiliatewp – Affiliate Marketing Plugin For Wordpress
Updated 21 February 2023
Easy affiliate marketing for WordPress that works
Updated 20 October 2022
Build a Secure Affiliate Marketing Program in WordPress with Smart Fraud Detection
Updated 11 July 2022
Allow affiliates to request a custom name for any of their coupons.
Updated 2 June 2022
Printable payout statements (invoices) for affiliates and shop owners
Affiliatewp – Affiliate Forms For Ninja Forms
Updated 12 May 2022
Easy to create an affiliate registration form using Ninja Forms plugin.
Affiliatewp – Lifetime Commissions
Updated 8 April 2022
The Lifetime Commissions allowing the linked affiliate to receive a commission on all future purchases by the customer.
Updated 28 March 2022
Adding a new payout request workflow and features like billing data or minimum amount
Updated 19 November 2021
The AffiliateWP Stripe Payout add-on allows you to pay your affiliates directly from your Stripe account in an easy a...
Affiliatewp – Recurring Referrals
Updated 10 November 2021
Recurring Referrals allows you to record affiliate commissions anytime a subscription payment is made on a membership...
Affiliatewp – Signup Referrals
Updated 9 November 2021
Signup Referrals awards a flat-rate commission to the affiliate when the user they have referred completes a sign up.
Affiliatewp – Paypal Payouts
Updated 9 November 2021
PayPal Payouts allows you to instantly pay your affiliates their earnings from your PayPal account.
Affiliatewp – Zapier
Updated 9 November 2021
The Zapier for AffiliateWP allows you to connect AffiliateWP with over 700 different web services, using your Zapier ...
Affiliatewp – Affiliate Forms For Gravity Forms
Updated 9 November 2021
Easy to create a custom registration form for your affiliates using Gravity Forms.
Affiliatewp – Rest Api Extended
Updated 9 November 2021
Full read-only RESTful API
Affiliatewp – Pushover Notifications
Updated 6 November 2021
Gives your affiliates the option of connecting their phone or tablet via Pushover to your affiliate system.
Affiliatewp – Tiered Rates
Updated 6 November 2021
Tiered Affiliate Rates will allow you to reward your affiliates with higher commission rates.
Affiliatewp – Custom Affiliate Slugs
Updated 6 November 2021
Custom Affiliate Slugs allowing affiliates to create their own custom “slug”.
Affiliatewp – Direct Link Tracking
Updated 5 November 2021
Direct Link Tracking allows affiliates to link directly to your site without the need for an affiliate link.
Affiliatewp – Affiliate Landing Pages
Updated 5 November 2021
Create dedicated landing pages for your affiliates, which they can promote without using an affiliate link
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