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Updated: 28 March 2022
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AffiliateWP – Advanced Payouts 1.2.0

Adding a new payout request workflow and features like billing data or minimum amount read more
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Advanced Payouts extends AffiliateWP, the best affiliate marketing plugin for WordPress, with new functionality. The original idea for this extension was to implement a new workflow, allowing affiliates earn commissions and request payouts on their own. With this plugin it's possible to transfer the impulse of taking care of payouts, from the site owner over to the affiliates themselves. Furthermore Advanced Payouts upgrades your affiliate system with benefits like minimum amounts for payouts, collecting billing data, and sending notifications for admins/affiliates.

Feature Highlights

  • Affiliates can request payouts own their own
  • Setup a minimum amount of earnings, which needs to be reached in order to request a payout
  • Minimum amount and current payout status will be shown on affiliate dashboard
  • Collect billing data (name, address, tax number) in order to create your own recipe/invoice (or better use our Payout Statements addon)
  • Mark billing data as required or optional. Additionally you can simply deactivate them
  • Send email notifications after a payout was requested to admins/affiliates (optional)
  • Make use of our new email tags for unpaid earnings/referrals, payment email and billing data
  • Admin menu tooltip and overview table for pending payouts
  • Affiliates overview shows notice in case an affiliate requested a payout
  • Additionally you can create your own payout workflow (e.g. via WPForms, Gravity Forms etc.)
  • Available in English and German, ready for more translations!

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