Updated 16 January 2023
The SMTP addon adds the capability to deliver your newsletters using an SMTP service. Originally the SMTP feature was...
Updated 13 January 2023
Mailchimp for WordPress comes with a free base plugin, which allows you to subscribe your visitors to your Mailchimp ...
Thrive Themes Leads
Updated 4 January 2023
Thrive Leads: Build Your Mailing List Faster than Ever Before!
Wpmu Dev Hustle
Updated 26 December 2022
Grow your business and audience with this super easy, super slick email opt-in plugin.
Updated 23 December 2022
Leads Extension for Newsletter adds a fancy subscription popup box or a fixed bar to your website that will boost you...
Updated 16 December 2022
WooCommerce Integration connects Newsletter with WooCommerce, the ultra-popular ecommerce plugin for WordPress, to au...
Updated 12 December 2022
The Facebook Addon for Newsletter is an extension which enables subscriptions to your newsletter via the Facebook Con...
Updated 8 December 2022
The WP Forms integration extension lets to easily use a contact form as a subscription form, mapping the form fields ...
Updated 8 December 2022
This addon removes hidden headers from outgoing email to avoid Office365 SMTP block (or attempt to…). Install O...
Updated 8 December 2022
This free add-on for the Newsletter plugin links the standard user registration flow to the subscription process. You...
Updated 8 December 2022
Locked Content is a powerful free addon for Newsletter made to hide specific blog contents for users that are not sub...
Updated 8 December 2022
Generates a public archive of the sent newsletters for your blog.
Updated 8 December 2022
The SendGrid Extension for Newsletter provides integration with SendGrid and bouncing detection service. SendGrid pro...
Updated 8 December 2022
Gravity Forms is a leading plugin for who need stunning forms and a lot of features. This addon links the Newsletter ...
Mailster – Email Newsletter Plugin For Wordpress
Updated 7 December 2022
Email Newsletter Plugin for WordPress
Updated 29 November 2022
This new addon, available from the Addons Manager, is very useful for those who want to send a quick update to their ...
Updated 16 November 2022
Note: this is an experimental extension. We always recommend to use a professional delivery service to send your mark...
Updated 3 November 2022
The SparkPost add-on for Newsletter provides the integration with SparkPost mail delivery service. Instructions and s...
Updated 25 October 2022
A webhook is simply a call which a system makes to another system when something happens. Newsletter, with the Webhoo...
Updated 14 August 2022
Notify every WordPress post change! You want to be notified when one of your contributors submitted a new post for re...
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