Updated 30 May 2023
Recurring Donations
Updated 25 May 2023
Features: Cloning – Create a clone of your website with a simple click Push Changes – Copy Plugins, Theme & Media files...
Updated 24 May 2023
The new Peer-to-Peer Fundraising add-on for GiveWP allows you to open up your WordPress donation forms to your supporters! Now...
Updated 16 May 2023
Set donation funds and designations to enhance your online fundraising structure and allow donors to choose where they want to...
Updated 5 May 2023
The Give Square add-on allows you to accept credit card donations directly on your website using the Square payment gateway....
Updated 28 April 2023
PDF Receipts
Updated 21 April 2023
Razorpay is a popular payments platform in India that allows you to accept online payments via Credit Card, Debit Card,...
Updated 31 March 2023
The Manual Donations allows you to create donations directly in your WordPress dashboard. Donations can be attached to a specific...
Updated 30 March 2023
If you’re accepting donations in the United Kingdom and not allowing donors to give with Gift Aid then you are...
Updated 30 March 2023 Gateway
Updated 30 March 2023
Ask Your Donors to Cover Gateway Processing Fees.
Updated 24 March 2023
Allow donors to give to your cause via customizable tributes like “In honor of,” “In memory of,” or any dedication you prefer....
Updated 13 March 2023
Mollie is a popular gateway that offers many ways to accept online donations. The gateway is built atop a modern...
Updated 24 February 2023
The Text-to-Give GiveWP add-on allows your donors to give to your cause directly from their mobile phones. Powered by Twilio...
Updated 19 January 2023
Form Field Manager
Updated 1 November 2022
The PayFast gateway is one of the most popular in South Africa. It’s an offsite gateway that allows donors to...
Updated 1 November 2022
Email Reports
Updated 21 October 2022
Measure campaign success with Google Analytics’ Enhanced Ecommerce tracking. Track user interactions with donation forms across the user’s site experience, including initiating the donation...
Updated 1 September 2022
Stripe Gateway
Updated 1 September 2022
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