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Updated 26 February 2024
Easily view which videos on your site are being watched, and for how long.
Updated 21 February 2024
AnalyticsWP is the best analytics plugin for WordPress. It works instantly on any WordPress site. You’ll feel as if you’ve...
Updated 16 February 2024
Truly understanding your audience is crucial for the success of your Ecommerce store. MonsterInsights Ecommerce Tracking gives you all the...
Updated 22 January 2024
Google Analytics Was Never This Fun In WordPress! Save 5 minutes a day. Everyday!  Serious Analytics Without the Boredom Our 1-Click...
Updated 16 January 2024
If you are running a multi-author blog or a website, then keeping note of top performing authors is a must....
Updated 16 January 2024
You are Internet Marketer, Online store owner or freelancer. Everyone uses Google Analytics Goals to track their Conversions. Our goals...
Updated 16 January 2024
Enhanced E-Commerce Tracking for WooCommerce Our WooCommerce Addon takes Analytics to next level. And its absolutely no-setup needed. So you...
Updated 15 December 2023
See exactly which pages your customers visited before purchasing from your WooCommmerce store.
Updated 30 November 2023
MonsterInsights makes it easy to configure Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and Meta (Facebook/Instagram) with no coding required.
Updated 29 November 2023
Forms are one of the most important points of interaction on your website. When a visitor fills out a form...
Updated 3 October 2023
European data laws like the Cookie law and GDPR can make it difficult to understand how to make your site...
Updated 24 August 2023
When you are running a high traffic site, you may hit the Google Analytics processing limit. To stay within that...

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