Updated 1 June 2023
WordPress Grid Building Solution
Updated 30 May 2023
Single or bulk regeneration of thumbnails (resized uploaded images) and creation of a custom structure for uploading thumbnails made easy....
Updated 30 May 2023
Organize media into folders
Updated 30 May 2023
Turn your Wordpress categories to the next level with ultra fast organization mode. Manage categories in an explorer-like tree view and...
Updated 30 May 2023
Reflect your WordPress Real Media Library structure into physical, avoid the mess that you see through your FTP. Organize media in...
Updated 23 May 2023
Do you have thousands of your files in WordPress media library? And you have trouble managing them? FileBird – WordPress Media...
Updated 22 May 2023
WordPress Responsive Portfolio
Updated 22 May 2023
Boost Media Grid with your own overlays! Overlay Manager does just what its name suggests: lets you create and manage unlimited...
Updated 14 May 2023
WordPress Responsive Gallery
Updated 12 May 2023
The #1 Folder Plugin for WordPress
Updated 13 March 2023
EXIF data or Exchange Image File Format is an option that defines specific information related to your image. This function...
Updated 13 March 2023
Modula Pagination is an extension that will let users to page back and forth through multiple pages of images.
Updated 24 February 2023
Organize your WordPress Media Library, Post Types & Plugins like a Pro. Create & Manage Unlimited Folders HappyFiles PRO let’s...
Updated 15 January 2023
The #1 photo gallery on CodeCanyon ? 15,000+ customers agree!
Updated 12 January 2023
The download extension is mainly used by website users to download various images from the gallery. Depending on the settings...
Updated 21 December 2022
Photo Gallery is the leading plugin for building beautiful mobile-friendly galleries in a few minutes.
Updated 26 January 2022
Our Zoom extension has been created to see the features and the details of your images.
Updated 26 January 2022
With Modula Slideshow you can easily create a presentation of your gallery and allow users to cycle through all the...
Updated 26 January 2022
Modula Right Click Protection will allow users to prevent visitors from downloading images by disabling right click and Alt+click. This premium extension...
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