Updated 22 August 2022
There are plenty of cases when you don’t want to send that notification right away but you don’t want to keep an eye ...
Updated 8 August 2022
With this amazing extension, you can send SMS notifications to any phone number without any effort. Just choose the t...
Updated 8 August 2022
Notification integration with AppPresser’s Push Messaging. Send Push messages to all your App users or selected ones....
Updated 27 May 2022
File attachments are always difficult to set up in WordPress, but not anymore! Use this plugin to attach as many file...
Updated 13 May 2022
Now you can catch the selected notifications into the Review Queue to have the control over the recipients and render...
Updated 16 March 2022
Tired of adding custom merge tags just to get some meta values? This is the add-on for you. It works with any custom ...
Updated 15 February 2022
Integration with the most popular communicator in the world. Send messages to the chosen channel about anything which...
Updated 29 January 2022
Connect with the SendGrid service to increase the deliverability of your emails and the performance of your website. ...
Updated 24 December 2021
Supercharge ACF Pro with 100+ Advanced Features
Updated 20 December 2021
A powerful extension for those who want total control over which notifications are sent to whom. By defining the case...
Updated 5 December 2021
Connect with powerful Mailgun service to increase deliverability of your emails and performance of your website. Idea...
Updated 12 November 2021
Native browser’s push notifications with the ability to manage subscriptions and support for multiple channels! The b...
Updated 23 October 2021
Pushbullet is an awesome way to integrate all your devices. It just got even better with Notification integration! Th...
Updated 23 October 2021
Change boring WooCommerce emails to something completely customizable! The plugin includes triggers: Customer Custome...
Updated 23 October 2021
Send Push notification to any of your devices registered in Pushover. This extension works with any trigger, so you a...
Updated 23 October 2021
Do you want to log any specific action in WordPress in a secure way? Maybe there’s something you would like to keep a...
Updated 23 October 2021
Integration with an awesome voice chat communicator for gamers. This extension works with any trigger, so you are lim...
Updated 13 January 2021
Add 15 more awesome shortcodes to Shortcodes Ultimate
Updated 26 December 2020
Create your own shortcodes for Shortcodes Ultimate
Updated 23 October 2020
Add 60 more awesome designs to Shortcodes Ultimate
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