ACF Extended Pro

Supercharge ACF Pro with 100+ Advanced Features
Updated: 15 June 2021
Status: Original
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Enhancement Suite for Advanced Custom Fields & Advanced Custom Fields Pro.

Field Groups

Dozens of new field groups features. Alternative title, categories, locations, and more.

Field Settings

Additional field settings for an advanced control over fields behavior.


Enhanced ACF fields and 30+ new fields, allowing you to take full control of your website.


Create & manage any post types, taxonomies, block types, options pages with a dedicated UI and extra features.


A collection of enhancements for the WordPress core with built-in WPML & Polylang compatibility.

Hooks & Helpers

Extra tools for developers for advanced customization & control over their website behavior.

Pro features

Flexible Content Grid

Flexible Content Columns System.

Flexible Content Rules

Flexible Content Layouts Locations Rules.

Phone Number

New international Phone Number field.


Fully customizable Country selector.


Fully customizable Language selector.


A new International Currencies selector.

Choices Render

Custom PHP render for checkbox/radio choices.

Color Picker

Advanced color picker palette settings.

Date Range Picker

New customizable date range picker field.

Force Sync

Always synchronize json files changes.

Screen Layouts

Up to three columns Post Edit screen layout.

Image Selector

Display an Image Selector field.

Settings UI

Enable/disable modules directly from the UI.

Menus Locations

Advanced Menu Depth & Type locations.

Developer Fields

New advanced fields selectors for developers.

Classic Editor

Built-in WordPress Classic Editor setting.

Field Group UI

Enhanced UI for better user experience.

Hide on Screen

12 new screen settings have been added.

WP Settings Locations

Display field groups on WP Settings pages.

Field Visibility

Quick access to field visibility.

Instruction Read More

Allow to expand instructions text.

Multiple File Upload

Enable multiple file upload & dropzone.

Inline Hooks

Inline PHP field registration hooks.

Forms Option Action

Update Options Pages on front-end forms.

Instruction Placement

Override a specific field instruction placement.

Date Picker

Enable date restriction & no weekends settings.

Date Time Picker

Date/time restriction & no weekends settings.

Time Picker

Enable time & hours restrictions settings.