Updated 4 February 2023
This extension provides advanced search metrics for SearchWP WordPress Plugin. An effective on-site search implementa...
Searchwp – Wp Job Manager Integration
Updated 4 February 2023
MyListing is a very popular theme designed to facilitate a custom directory website. If you’re using MyListing and Se...
Updated 4 February 2023
Gravity Forms is a premier forms plugin for WordPress. It is immensely popular and even more capable. This Extension ...
Searchwp – Wp Job Manager Integration
Updated 4 February 2023
With hundreds of thousands of active installations Meta Box is one of the premier methods of managing Custom Fields o...
Updated 4 February 2023
Flatsome is a very popular WooCommerce & Business theme that has a great looking live search feature. Using the F...
Searchwp – Wpml Integration
Updated 4 February 2023
Integrate SearchWP with WPML.
Searchwp – Woocommerce Integration
Updated 3 February 2023
WooCommerce uses a post type archive template to facilitate search results. This extension allows SearchWP to work wi...
Searchwp – Related
Updated 3 February 2023
Use SearchWP to power related content on your site! SearchWP Related was built to work with minimal overhead, while a...
SearchWP – Shortcodes
Updated 11 October 2022
This extension provides Shortcodes that generate both search forms and results pages for SearchWP search engines. It’...
Searchwp – Like Terms
Updated 18 February 2022
Diagnostics is designed to facilitate information extraction from SearchWP. Under constant development, this extensio...
Searchwp – Redirects
Updated 18 February 2022
Automatically redirect to a specific page when certain searches are performed! While SearchWP will find the most rele...
Updated 21 May 2021
HeroThemes makes fantastic products to help set up an awesomely usable knowledge base full of content. If you’d like ...
Searchwp – Xpdf Integration
Updated 6 May 2021
Warning: This Extension requires the use of exec() and also requires you to install Xpdf (upload a file to a non-publ...
Updated 1 May 2021
Polylang is a fantastic plugin that adds multilingual support to WordPress: Polylang allows you to create a bilingual...
Updated 23 March 2021
The SearchWP WooCommerce Product Table Integration provides integration between SearchWP and WooCommerce Product Tabl...
Searchwp – Term Highlight
Updated 24 February 2021
Bubbles term archive pages to the top of search results for supplemental search engines. The Term Archive Priority Ex...
Updated 19 February 2021
Boolean Search requires no configuration. It adds support for excluding results based on keyword. For instance, if th...
Updated 18 February 2021
Customize the order of SearchWP’s results.
Updated 6 February 2021
SearchWP allows you to exclude content from search in a number of ways on the main SearchWP settings screen. Exclude ...
Updated 26 August 2020
BetterDocs calls itself the “Best Documentation & Knowledge Base Plugin”. Use this Extension to use SearchWP to p...
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