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Updated: 13 January 2021
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shortcode ultimate extra shortcodes 1.8.2

Add 15 more awesome shortcodes to Shortcodes Ultimate read more
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Shortcodes overview

  • Parallax section
  • Pricing table
  • Testimonials
  • Vector icons
  • Progress bar, progress pie
  • Content slider
  • Photo panels
  • Member
  • Shadow
  • Splash screen
  • Exit popup

Parallax sections

Parallax is an effect which moves the background image of the block during vertical page scroll. A new shortcode [section] will easily create this effect on your site. This shortcode allows adding big sections with content to the page. You can choose your own background images, change the background color, and text color. To create a page-wide section your active theme must have a single-column template.

Pricing Table

With pricing table shortcode, you’ll be able to show pricing plans or prices for the goods on your site. Each pricing table can contain any number of columns. You can change any colors in the table. Besides, you can highlight the most popular choice.


Using this shortcode you can easily display customer reviews. Photo of the user, his/her name and link to the site can be added as well. Combination with [content_slider] short-code creates a carousel of testimonials.

Vector icons

Using this shortcode you can easily display FontAwesome icons on your pages. You can add hyperlinks, custom background, change icon size and colour.

Progress bar and progress pie shortcodes

Using these shortcodes, you’ll be able to add animated progress bars and progress pies to the site pages. You can easily change their sizes, colours and set any desired values.

Content slider

This powerful shortcode allows you to transform almost any content into the slider. You can create testimonials slider or a photo-slider. You can insert any shortcodes or HTML-code to this slider.

Photo panel and member shortcodes

Use photo panel shortcodes to create a nice design of text blocks with photos. Besides, you can create a beautiful list of employees or team members.


Enhance blocks on the page with more expressiveness. This shortcode allows you to add a shadow to almost any shortcode. There are several shadow types available.

Splash screen and exit popup shortcodes

With this shortcode, you can display any content in a pop-up window. You can add a delay before a window display, and set other parameters – background colour, text colour and size. For example, you’ll be able to add a code of e-mail-subscription form to display the form to the visitors of your site. Moreover, you can easily show subscription form or any other content to the visitors who are going to leave your site, using exit pop-up shortcode.

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