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Updated: 15 April 2024
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monsterinsights Exceptions Addon 1.0.0

Any time there’s a big, sudden change in your traffic, sales, or other metrics, you want to know right away... read more
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Any time there’s a big, sudden change in your traffic, sales, or other metrics, you want to know right away so you can either fix what’s causing the dip or take advantage of what’s causing the spike. Especially if you monitor multiple Google Analytics accounts, though, all of that monitoring can take up way too much of your valuable time. That’s why, in MonsterInsights 8.26, we’ve added the Exceptions addon. The brand-new addon and report make it MUCH easier for MonsterInsights Agency users to keep a close eye on one or multiple Google Analytics accounts at once, without even opening their dashboards. The Exceptions addon keeps a close eye on your Google Analytics data, watching for 16 different types of anomalies, so you don’t have to. That includes big, sudden changes in:
  • Conversion rate
  • Traffic
  • Transactions
  • Engagement rate
  • Bounce rate
  • And more
If any unusual activity is detected, you’ll receive an email alert the following day. This will allow you to take quick action and resolve any issues before they cause major problems. The alert will also be recorded in your new Exceptions report. Here are just a few benefits of having the MonsterInsights Exceptions addon running on your WordPress site:
  • Save time by automating the process of watching your data and spotting irregularities across all of your MonsterInsights-connected websites
  • Stay informed about potential issues, such as sudden spikes or drops in traffic, unusual bounce rates, or abnormal transaction numbers
  • Identify and resolve problems quickly — don’t miss crucial changes as they happen
  • Provide better service to your clients by proactively addressing any data discrepancies or inconsistencies

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