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awesome support agent front end 2.1.2

Collections: Awesome Support
Developer: Awesome Support
Version: 2.1.2 report oudated
Updated 15 January 2022
File status: Original
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The Agent Front-end add-on for Awesome Support provides a simple interface for your agents to handle basic ticket tasks on the front-end.  This can be useful when your agents are not your employees or are vendors and you don’t want to grant them access to all the functions of your WordPress admin agent dashboard in wp-admin.

With the Agent Front-end add-on your agent can perform the following tasks on the front-end:

  • View a list of open tickets that are assigned to them (if they’re the primary agent on the ticket)
  • Reply to tickets including adding attachments to the tickets
  • Close Tickets
  • Change the status of a ticket.
  • View a list of closed tickets that were assigned to them

Other Features

  • Place the ticket interface on any page of your site using a short-code
  • Tickets open in their own tabs which allow easy navigation between multiple tickets
  • Adopts the general style of the existing theme
  • Control which custom fields agents can view

Important Notes

Only the four basic ticketing functions mentioned above are available to agents on the front-end with this add-on.  Access to advanced functions such as canned responses, private notes, faqs etc. is not available. If agents need access to those functions you will need to allow your agents to log into the back-end of the site.



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