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Updated: 25 April 2024
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WPForms Coupons Addon 1.3.1 Wordpress Plugin

The WPForms Coupons addon makes it easy to drive more sales by offering coupon discounts. read more
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Are you looking for a way to offer deals and promotions on your payment forms? The WPForms Coupons addon makes it easy to create promotional coupon deals. Once you’ve created a coupon, all you need to do is drag and drop the coupon field onto your form. You can share your coupon via email newsletter, website pop-up, or even offline. The Coupons addon lets you create discount codes for specific amounts or percentages — great for offering free shipping or a new customer deal. You can also create coupons that start and end on specific dates if you want to prepare for an important seasonal promotion. And since WPForms has Payment screens, we made it easy to track coupon usage alongside your orders. As always, your coupons can be created and managed without writing any code. With our Coupons addon, you can:
  • Create unlimited coupons: Make coupons for any purpose with any limitations on the number of deals you can offer.
  • Embed coupons on any form: Just drag the coupon field onto a payment form and you’re good to go.
  • Limit coupon usage: Optionally set a limit for the number of times a coupon can be used. You can also select which forms each coupons can be used on.
  • Create expiring coupons: Give your coupon a start date and an end date so it can only be used during a sale.
  • Create branded coupons: Enter your own custom coupon code or generate a random code in a click.
  • Create one-time use coupons: Give specific customers a special deal or make refunds faster and simpler.
  • Offer free shipping: Give your customers a coupon to remove the cost of shipping when they check out.
  • Offer promotions on existing forms: Drag the coupon field onto any form to offer a discount.
  • Prefill coupon code fields: Use Prefill by URL to automatically fill in the coupon code field when your visitor clicks a link.
  • Monitor coupon usage: Track usage for each coupon and track which coupons where used on each payment.
We’ve taken the hard work out of creating forms that convert and help you to grow your business.

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