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Version: 1.0.8 report oudated
Updated: 21 June 2024
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gravity perks File Renamer 1.0.8 Wordpress Plugin

Automatically rename and organize files uploaded to Gravity Forms, powered by flexible templates with support for dynamic values. read more
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Gravity Forms File Renamer makes renaming files uploaded with Gravity Forms effortless. Specify a naming template and files are renamed when the form is submitted. Naming templates are quite flexible, with support for static and dynamic values (i.e. merge tags), custom deduplicators and incrementers, and the ability to group files in folders. The possibilities are endless!


  • Rename files uploaded to Gravity Forms. Effortlessly rename files using a flexible naming template with full merge tag support.
  • Add a prefix and suffix. Preserve the existing filename while adding text before or after.
  • Full merge tag support. Include identifying submission data in the filename like the user’s first and last name.
  • Control how files are incremented or deduplicated. Add numeric increments to filenames per field or take control of how duplicate filenames are deduplicated.
  • Enable custom upload folders. Automate file organization with custom upload folders, like grouping all files from a submission into a folder with the entry ID.
  • Integrates with existing Gravity Forms fields. Available in File Upload, Multi-file Upload, and Post Image fields.
  • Works with other Gravity Forms plugins automatically. Rename files in File Upload Pro enabled fields, add Unique IDs to filenames, and store renamed files in the Media Library.
  • All languages supported. Rename files using any language or character set. Hallå!

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