Gravity View

Gravity View – The Best Way To Display Gravity Forms Entries
Updated 22 September 2022
The best way to display Gravity Forms entries on your website GravityView is the best way to display Gravity Forms en...
Updated 13 September 2022
Display Gravity Forms entries using Google Maps
Updated 1 September 2022
Display your form entries in a flexible calendar.
Updated 1 August 2022
Make it easy for users to view entries using a list of links from A-Z. Clicking on a link will narrow the results to ...
Updated 31 July 2022
It has never been faster or easier to edit Gravity Forms entries.
Updated 28 July 2022
Import entries from a CSV to Gravity Forms. GravityView not required.
Updated 11 July 2022
Simple arithmetic and advanced calculations for Gravity Forms and GravityView.
Updated 25 February 2022
Export your Gravity Forms data using a secure, shareable download link.
Updated 10 February 2022
Spend less time getting more done So you’ve got a bunch of entries in Gravity Forms that need updating? Normally, you...
Updated 27 January 2022
Track changes for your entries, and easily restore prior versions.
Updated 16 January 2022
Controls what entries are displayed in a View based on the value of form entries, like “Conditional Logic” in Gravity...
Updated 22 December 2021
GravityView has deeply integrated with DataTables, the best script for working for tabular data. Browse, filter, and ...
Updated 11 December 2020
Hey designers & developers: build your own GravityView layouts...styles not included!
Updated 1 September 2020
Allow visitors to rate, review & comment on your Gravity Forms entries. Perfect for business and event listings. ...
Updated 11 August 2020
Make it easy for visitors to share your View entries using popular social networks and enhance your site’s search eng...
Updated 11 June 2020
Use joins to combine data from several forms into one longer entry. Connect multiple forms that share field values. C...
Updated 1 May 2020
Highlight entries in your View by adding Featured Entries. When entries are featured, they are placed at the top of s...
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