Item access
Updated 10 March 2023
Allow your users to transfer points, achievements or ranks between them
Updated 7 September 2022
Award your users for sharing your website content on social networks
Updated 11 August 2023
Live reports for a quick view of points in circulation, achievements earned and user ranks
Updated 27 February 2023
Add a complete referral system to award users who refer visitors and sign ups.
Updated 11 August 2023
Let your users exchange points between different points types
Updated 6 September 2023
Add leaderboards to intensify the gamification of your site
Updated 9 January 2023
Instantly notify of any new reward to your users
Updated 8 June 2023
Use GamiPress points types as a payment gateway for Easy Digital Downloads
Updated 9 May 2023
Add daily rewards to perform your site visits
Updated 16 May 2023
Sync achievements and user earnings with Badgr
Updated 11 August 2023
Add interactive achievements and ranks progress maps to your site
Updated 7 July 2022
Allow your users to create points cards to redeem them on physical commerces.
Updated 3 August 2022
Limit access to any post or page based on GamiPress interactions
Updated 11 August 2023
Set an expiration date to your points, achievements and ranks.
Updated 11 August 2023
Award discounts for achievement completion on WooCommerce
Updated 26 October 2021
Award discounts for achievement completion on Easy Digital Downloads
Updated 21 December 2022
Use GamiPress points types as a payment gateway for WooCommerce
Updated 21 April 2023
Let users withdrawal points for money based on a conversion rate
Updated 10 August 2022
Allow your users purchase points, achievements or ranks access
Updated 17 May 2022
Limit users points earnings per role and based on a time period you want
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