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gamipress congratulations popups addon 1.0.4

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Developer: GamiPress
Version: 1.0.4 report oudated
Updated 25 July 2022
File status: Original
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Display popups with visual effects to congratulate your users for their earnings.

Congratulations Popups let’s you setup automatic popups when certain events occur to congratulate your users and build engagement with them on exact moment you want.

In just a few minutes, you will be able to build a personalized popups with visual effects to being displayed on relevant events like reach a points balance, unlock an achievement or reach a rank among others.

In addition, Congratulations Popups includes a huge list of tags to let you display relevant information to your users like their current points balance, last achievements earned and current rank of any type.

Software - GPL Coffee

Display popups with visual effects to congratulate your users for their earnings.

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: "WordPress Plugins"

Application Category: "Addons"


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