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SupportCandy – Knoledgebase Integrations

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Knowledgebase or Documentation saves time of your customers to asks you questions and wait for you to reply. Ultimately it also reduces number of tickets come to you.

This add-on will integrate popular Knowledgebase plugins available for WordPress. Below is list of available integrations and still counting -

  1. Knowledgebase by PressApps
  2. WP Knowledgebase by Maeve Lander
  3. Helpguru Knowledgebase by HeroThemes
  4. BasePress Knowledgebase by 8Bits in a row
  5. BWL Knowledgebase Manager by xenioushk
  6. Knowledge Base for Documents and FAQs by Echo Plugins
  7. KnowledgeBase X w/ FAQ, Glossary Powered by WPBot ChatBot/HelpDesk
  8. BetterDocs – Best Documentation & Knowledge Base Plugin by WPDeveloper

These add-ons integrated with SupportCandy so that agents can use Knowledge-base while replying to tickets. They can insert either Knowledge-base link or Knowledge-base contents to reply description just like macros or canned replies.

Additionally, it adds Knowledge-base suggestion tag in macros. It compares subject words with Knowledge-base tags and suggest top 3 matched results where it has been used. You can use this while replying to ticket, in email notification etc. Specially when you use it in create ticket email notification to customer, he will see suggestions as soon as he create a ticket and might get answered before you answer.

2 reviews for SupportCandy – Knoledgebase Integrations

  1. Felicia Ray

    The file is broken

  2. Felicia Ray

    Also, where are the other addons like the woocommerce integration and the email piping? Please add them.

  3. Dave

    It works now. Please try again.

  4. Dave

    All of the addons were added.

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