Signature Add-On for WP FluentForm

The Signature Add-On for FluentForm allows you to capture signatures online by
Version: 3.6.69
Updated: 10 March 2021
Status: Original
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The Signature Add-On for FluentForm allows you to capture signatures online by allowing users to sign your forms using touchscreen devices, touch pads or mouse. You can add signature field in your form very easily and customize the colors, signature pad width and get the signature straight to your email inbox, save that into the entries. You can also add multiple email notification of the input fields. Your users don’t have to install any plugin in the browser and they can use any touch devices, phone, tables, mouse, trackpad to sign your form.

Easy To Use

Enabling online signatures is as simple as adding a Signature Field to any form using the wonderful FluentForm Form Builder Editor.

Touchscreen Device Support

This add on support any touch supported devices like signature pad, ipad, iphone, andoid phones and even the touchscreens computers.

Cross Browser Support

Works on all major browsers, both desktop and mobile. Includes IE, FireFox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, iOS Mobile Safari, Android, Chrome Mobile, FireFox Mobile and any browser that support canvas.

No Browser Plugins

Signature add-on build based on HTML5 Canvas so it’s completely browser based which require no third party browser plugins. The only requirement for your client is that Javascript support is enabled in the browser.


With powerful customization feature you can specify the signature field width, pen width, background color, instructions.

System Requirements

The FluentForm Signature Add-On don’t require any advanced server software. You only need WordPress ( > 4.5 ) and The Awesome FluentForm which is completely free and opensource.