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ninja forms Scheduled Submissions Export 3.0.2

Developer: WP Ninjas
Version: 3.0.2 report oudated
Updated 17 August 2022
File status: Original
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Use Scheduled Submissions Export to set hourly, daily, or weekly exports of any WordPress form submissions to any email address(es)!

Is it a hassle to keep logging into WordPress to check form submissions? Sinking too much time into managing submission exports across multiple client sites? Scheduled Submissions Export for WordPress is your solution.

Managing form submission records are an important part of your daily or weekly workflow. You may be logging into WordPress periodically to check them. That’s maybe not a huge deal if it’s one website. But if you’re managing multiple sites for your business or your clients, that time adds up fast.

Maybe you have emails sent out from each and every form submission. That works great as a notification system, but it makes grabbing a daily or weekly summary of submissions an annoying task.

With Scheduled Submissions Export for WordPress, you can automate form submission management. Schedule an hourly, daily, or weekly digest of all submissions from any form. Set the day or time of day that works best for you or your client. Manage schedules from a centralized location. Make your life easier!

Software - GPL Coffee

Use Scheduled Submissions Export to set hourly, daily, or weekly exports of any WordPress form submissions to any email address(es)!

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: "WordPress Plugins"

Application Category: "Addons"



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