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Updated: 08 February 2019
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ninja forms highrise CRM addon 3.0.0

Combine the functional simplicity of Highrise CRM + the power to build lasting customer relationships with your WordPress website. Automated.... read more
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Combine the functional simplicity of Highrise CRM + the power to build lasting customer relationships with your WordPress website.

Automated. Simple. Elegant.

We’re excited to be able to offer Highrise CRM to our growing suite of CRM integrations! Looking to eliminate the pain of maintaining your custom integration to Highrise CRM? Remove the barriers of manual data transfer from WordPress? Overcome the limitations of your current form builder’s integration? Whatever your obstacles, you’ve found the solution in Ninja Forms’ official Highrise CRM integration! The Highrise CRM team has built a service based on functional simplicity and ease of building relationships with your customers via their tool. If you’re one of their users we realize these advantages are important to you, and this extension has been built with that in mind. It’s never been easier to connect your WordPress website to Highrise CRM. Put the full power of their service at your fingertips through WordPress with Ninja Forms!

Effortlessly map form fields to flow into Highrise CRM

From the comfort of the Ninja Forms builder, simply open any form and add a Highrise CRM action. From there it’s a matter of mouse clicks to merge your forms with the Highrise CRM service. This integration makes it easy to add:
  • Contacts
  • Companies
  • Deals
  • Notes
  • Tasks
  • Tags

Added details capture the data you need to build lasting customer relationships

Highrise CRM sets themselves apart by focusing on the details that help build strong customer relationships, and no integration to their service would be complete without taking advantage of those extras. With the Ninja Forms add-on, you can capture specific data about your customers with ease. For example:
  • Capture location data for new Contacts, such as home/work with every street address, and home/work/mobile with every phone number
  • Communicate extra data with every Deal using Price Type (fixed, hour, month, year), Status (pending, won, lost), and Duration values
For all of this data, you have the ability to adjust the visibility of it to Owner, Everyone, or any of your Highrise Groups!

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