Formidable Forms – Export View

Export table Views to CSV files.
Version: 1.04
Updated: 26 May 2021
Status: Original
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Easily move your forms and data to another site, or duplicate your forms on a new site using our simple import & export functions.

Formidable Forms comes with all the import and export functions you would expect from a world class form builder plugin.

You can easily import or export web forms to other WordPress pages or websites.

You can very easily import forms, entries and Views by clicking on ‘Formidable’ in your WordPress dashboard and then ‘Import/Export’. Here, you can import entries from a CSV file or export form data to a CSV file to use in Excel or another service.So, don’t waste time starting from scratch and trying to do it all yourself. You can import all the data you need with just a few simple clicks. Your entire website setup can be moved to a completely different website and domain – free of error and hassle.


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