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Connections Widget Pack 2.10 Wordpress Plugin

Collections: Connections Pro
Developer: Steven A. Zahm
Version: 2.10 report oudated
Updated 29 July 2022
File status: Original
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The Widget Pack includes a set of feature rich, versatile and highly configurable widgets that can be used to enhance your directory. The widgets included are:

  1. Category widget from the Widget PackSearch
    Keyword search of the directory.
  2. Category
    A list of links of your categories.
  3. List
    A limited list of entries from your directory.
  4. Anniversaries Today
    A list of anniversaries occurring today.
  5. Birthdays Today
    A list of birthdays occurring today.
  6. Upcoming Anniversaries
    A list of upcoming anniversaries.
  7. Upcoming Birthdays
    A list of upcoming birthdays.
  8. Upcoming Event Dates
    A list of upcoming date events that have been added to the entries.
  9. Recently Added
    A list of entries that were recently added to the directory.
  10. Recently Updated
    A list of entries that were recently updated.


All widgets designed to be high performance to have very little impact on page load times. This is accomplished by utilizing fragment caching. Without going into great technical detail, this means the HTML for the widgets are built once and then served from a cache anytime they are needed. This reduces server load, response time, database queries and the memory required. The cache version is never out of date as it is recreated once a day or any time you update an entry or change a widget setting.

All widgets support multiple instances. This means you can add the same widget to your sidebar multiple times each being configured separately.

All widgets support being used as a shortcode on a page.

Category widget features:

  • Display all categories or include specific categories or exclude categories.
  • Choose to limit the list to a defined category and decide whether only the immediate children categories are shown or all descendants are shown.
  • If displaying all categories, you can choose to define how many levels deep the category tree should display.
  • Decide whether or not the number of entries assign to the category should be shown.
  • You can choose to hide empty categories.

The list, anniversary, birthday, recently added and modified features include:

  • The option the include or exclude entries assigned to categories.
  • Choose to display the entry photo or logo.
  • Control how the name is formatted.
  • An option to display the name as a link to the entries profile page.
  • Decide to hide the widget if there are no entries to show, a very handy feature for the anniversaries and birthdays today widgets.
  • Limit the number of entries shown in the list.



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