Item access
Updated 10 August 2023
Accept payments for Ad postings using the WooCommerce plugin.
Updated 4 June 2023
Allow users to create their profile pages and manage their account.
Updated 29 June 2022
Accept fast and secure credit card payments directly on your website.
Updated 30 April 2023
Set price for posting an Ad based on selected categories
Updated 17 September 2023
You or Seller can mark Ads as SOLD and hide the seller’s contact details.
Updated 4 June 2023
Customize form fields to suit your niche or sport, without coding
Updated 30 September 2021
Restrict posting Ads in selected categories, such as “header” categories
Updated 2 March 2021
Seamlessly integrate WPAdverts with BuddyPress.
Updated 17 September 2023
Hierarchical Locations database and Google Maps integration – made easy!
Updated 9 June 2022
Prove your traffic and let your customers view their Ads traffic over last 30 days.
Updated 11 December 2019
Sell recurring memberships to your customers.
Updated 18 January 2023
Accept payments for classifieds Ads with the ever-popular PayPal*
Updated 15 July 2022
Protect your forms from SPAM using easy for humans Google captcha.
Updated 23 April 2023
Use your own custom icons (Big and small) for Advert Categories to suit your niche or sport

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