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WPAdverts Google Analytics

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You’ve done your part to build a great site, attracting lots of interested visitors that your paying advertisers can sell to – but do those advertisers believe you?

With the Google Analytics integration you can PROVE you have the visitors, which means your advertisers can worry about their products or prices, instead of worrying about your website!

The famous and accurate Google Analytics tracking system is FREE for you to connect to, and allows your advertisers to view real statistics from the last 30 days about:

  • Their Ads page visits
  • Page views and
  • The time users spent on the site

This is extremely valuable, as it gives them the confidence they need to continue advertising on your site, experimenting with different products, prices, headlines etc.

The data is presented using custom charts very similar to Google’s own elegant charts, so serious advertisers familiar with them will feel right at home. See Gallery below.

With Google Analytics Integration you can

  •  Display charts and stats for each add in the frontend in [adverts_manage] panel
  • Display the number of page views on Ad details page
  • Show quick-stats about the Ad in wp-admin / Classifieds panel while editing the Ad
  • Show a chart with a customizable date range in wp-admin / Classifieds panel to quickly see how the Ad is performing.


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