WP Fusion

Updated 3 August 2022
Connect WordPress to anything
Updated 15 January 2022
The Logins addon for WP Fusion gives you tools for tracking user logins on your site, and performing actions if users...
Updated 7 January 2022
WP Fusion’s Abandoned Cart addon works with: WooCommerce Easy Digital Downloads LifterLMS and MemberPress to automati...
Updated 29 December 2021
WP Fusion already connects your ecommerce platform to your CRM, allowing you to create contacts and apply tags when p...
Updated 21 April 2021
WP Fusion’s Media Tools addon allows you to track engagement with embedded videos and audio on your site by applying ...
Updated 29 July 2020
The WP Fusion Downloads Addon (available for Plus and Professional license holders) allows you to protect files in yo...
Updated 25 October 2019
The Webhooks addon (or “Zapier addon”) allows you to ping a third party URL when events happen in WP Fusion, similar ...
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