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WP fusion 3.40.18 Marketing automation for WordPress (addons included)

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Collections: WP Fusion
Developer: Very Good Plugins
Version: 3.40.18 report oudated
Updated 03 August 2022
File status: Original
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Connect anything to anything without a developer.

WP Fusion includes support for dozens of WordPress plugins, allowing you to connect your membership site, store, learning management system, and more to your CRM.

Common Use Cases

  • Control access to content with tags
  • Track purchases and subscription statuses
  • Send form submissions to your CRM
  • Recover abandoned carts

Stop wasting time with repetitive tasks.

WP Fusion applies tags in your CRM based on user activity throughout your site, allowing you to track engagement and perform complex automations.

Common Use Cases

  • Engage students based on course progress
  • Track last logins and stale accounts
  • Email customers based on purchase history
  • Award badges and achievements using timers and logic

Your customers are always in sync.

WP Fusion’s intuitive field mapping system lets you connect any piece of user data on your site to fields inside your CRM (including custom fields).

Common Use Cases

  • Collect extended user profile data
  • Display CRM data within WordPress
  • Update lifetime values and order numbers
  • Sync user accounts between sites

Resolved item support tickets

Really outdated, please update to 3.40.57
updated 4 weeks ago.

2 reviews for WP Fusion

  1. Felicia Ray

    This plugin is two versions behind. It should be updated to 3.38.39 which was released some time ago. Please update.

  2. Felicia Ray

    The new version of this plugin is 3.40.17, updated on 7/25/2022. The version you have posted is 3.40.3. So there have been 14 version updates since you last updated your website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I keep asking for this plugin to be updated and I am going increasingly exhausted with the speed of the plugin updates on your site. There are several of them which have not been updated for long periods of time.

    I have even opened support tickets for these updates and you don’t even bother to respond to the ticket. Or, you respond to say that you are working on it, but months go by with no updates. To add insult to injury, you close the tickets without updating the plugins or touching base with me about the ticket.

    When I first started using this site a couple of years ago, I loved it. I am not a “free” customer. I pay you EVERY SINGLE MONTH to use this site and I have been paying you for years. I don’t feel like it is worth it anymore. I am very disappointed.

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