Meta Box

Meta box Views - 1.9.3

Build front-end templates for WordPress without touching theme files. Support Twig and all field
Updated: 10 January 2022

Meta Box Builder - 4.1.10

The endless possibilities of Meta Box without the need to touch any code.
Updated: 10 January 2022

Meta Box AIO - 1.15.3

At the moment, each extension of the plugin Meta Box is provided separately. They
Updated: 30 December 2021

Meta Box Geolocation - 1.3.2

Automatically and instantly populate location data with the power of Google Maps Geolocation API.
Updated: 21 December 2021

Meta Box Favorite Posts - 2.0.2

Let your users bookmark your posts as favorites that they can view later. Works
Updated: 6 December 2021

Meta Box Columns - 1.2.14

Display fields more beautiful by putting them into 12-columns grid.
Updated: 2 November 2021

Meta Box Frontend Submission - 3.1.5

Create editorial forms so users can submit blog posts on the front end.
Updated: 25 October 2021

Meta Box Tabs - 1.1.9

Add as many custom fields as you want and organize them into tabs.
Updated: 8 October 2021

Meta Box User Profile - 1.8.0

Create register, login and edit user profile forms in the frontend. Embed everywhere with
Updated: 22 September 2021

Meta Box Admin Columns - 1.6.0

Display custom fields in table columns in admin screens for All Posts (types).
Updated: 17 September 2021

Meta Box Custom Table - 2.0.0 RC 2

Save custom fields data to custom table instead of the default meta tables. Reduce
Updated: 17 August 2021

Meta box Blocks - 1.4.0

Creating custom Gutenberg blocks with PHP. No React, Webpack or Babel. Beautiful syntax, powerful
Updated: 28 July 2021

Meta Box User Meta - 1.2.9

Add custom fields to user profile (user meta) quickly with simple syntax.
Updated: 6 July 2021

Meta Box Testimonials - 1.1.0

Create testimonials grid or slider easily. Choose from 7 templates or create your own
Updated: 13 May 2021

Meta Box Conditional Logic - 1.6.14

Control when and where meta boxes, fields and HTML elements appear.
Updated: 17 April 2021

Meta Box Group - 1.3.12

Organize custom fields into robust and intensely user-friendly groups.
Updated: 23 February 2021

Meta Box Term Meta - 1.2.10

Easily add custom fields to categories, tags or any custom taxonomy.
Updated: 29 November 2020

Meta Box Tooltip - 1.1.4

Display help information for fields using beautiful tooltips.
Updated: 29 November 2020

Meta Box Testimonials - 1.0.0

Create testimonials grid or slider easily. Choose from 7 templates or create your own
Updated: 5 October 2020

Meta Box User Avatar - 1.0.0

A simple solution to add custom avatars for users in WordPress. Replace Gravatar with
Updated: 5 October 2020

Meta Box User Avatar - 1.0.0

MB User Avatar is a WordPress plugin that provides you with a simple way to
Updated: 3 October 2020

Meta Box Settings Page - 2.1.3

Create impressive and robust custom settings pages in a few clicks.
Updated: 6 September 2020

Meta Box Include Exclude - 1.0.11

Show or hide meta boxes whenever and for whomever you choose.
Updated: 16 April 2020

Meta Box Revision - 1.3.3

Track changes of custom fields with WordPress revision. Save, compare, restore the changes easily.
Updated: 5 November 2019