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Meta box Views
Updated 21 June 2022
Build front-end templates for WordPress without touching theme files. Support Twig and all field types.
Meta Box AIO
Updated 17 June 2022
At the moment, each extension of the plugin Meta Box is provided separately. They acts like a small module that provi...
Meta Box User Avatar
Updated 25 May 2022
MB User Avatar is a WordPress plugin that provides you with a simple way to add custom avatars for users. Since WordP...
Meta Box Frontend Submission
Updated 18 May 2022
Create editorial forms so users can submit blog posts on the front end.
Meta Box Builder
Updated 18 May 2022
The endless possibilities of Meta Box without the need to touch any code.
Meta Box User Profile
Updated 18 May 2022
Create register, login and edit user profile forms in the frontend. Embed everywhere with shortcodes.
Meta Box Group
Updated 17 May 2022
Organize custom fields into robust and intensely user-friendly groups.
Meta Box Settings Page
Updated 13 May 2022
Create impressive and robust custom settings pages in a few clicks.
Meta Box Geolocation
Updated 5 May 2022
Automatically and instantly populate location data with the power of Google Maps Geolocation API.
Meta Box Tabs
Updated 5 May 2022
Add as many custom fields as you want and organize them into tabs.
Meta Box Conditional Logic
Updated 4 March 2022
Control when and where meta boxes, fields and HTML elements appear.
Meta Box Custom Table
Updated 16 February 2022
Save custom fields data to custom table instead of the default meta tables. Reduce database size and increase perform...
Meta Box Favorite Posts
Updated 6 December 2021
Let your users bookmark your posts as favorites that they can view later. Works with both guests and logged-in users.
Meta Box Columns
Updated 2 November 2021
Display fields more beautiful by putting them into 12-columns grid.
Meta Box Admin Columns
Updated 17 September 2021
Display custom fields in table columns in admin screens for All Posts (types).
Meta box Blocks
Updated 28 July 2021
Creating custom Gutenberg blocks with PHP. No React, Webpack or Babel. Beautiful syntax, powerful features.
Meta Box User Meta
Updated 6 July 2021
Add custom fields to user profile (user meta) quickly with simple syntax.
Meta Box Testimonials
Updated 13 May 2021
Create testimonials grid or slider easily. Choose from 7 templates or create your own with lots of styling options.
Meta Box Term Meta
Updated 29 November 2020
Easily add custom fields to categories, tags or any custom taxonomy.
Meta Box Tooltip
Updated 29 November 2020
Display help information for fields using beautiful tooltips.
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