Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads – Download Email Attachments
Updated 10 September 2022
Send download files as email attachments.
Easy Digital Downloads - Stripe Payment Gateway
Updated 6 September 2022
Adds a payment gateway for Stripe.com. This add-on Stripe payment gateway allows you to accept credit cards directly ...
Easy Digital Downloads – Checkout Fields Manager
Updated 31 August 2022
With Checkout Fields Manager, you can easily add new, custom fields to the Easy Digital Downloads checkout screen. Us...
Easy Digital Downloads – Content Restriction
Updated 31 August 2022
This add-on for Easy Digital Downloads allows you to easily restrict content on your site to only those users who hav...
Updated 2 August 2022
Per Product Notifications for Easy Digital Downloads allows you to define additional email addresses that should rece...
Easy Digital Downloads – Per Product Emails
Updated 31 July 2022
Custom purchase confirmation emails for your products.
Updated 29 July 2022
Easy Digital Download Social Login extension allows users to log in and checkout with social networks such as Faceboo...
Updated 29 July 2022
Easy Digital Download Social Login extension allows users to log in and checkout with social networks such as Faceboo...
Easy Digital Downloads - All Access
Updated 28 July 2022
Increase your profits by selling All Access memberships – which give your customers an extremely improved experience....
Easy Digital Downloads - Frontend Submissions
Updated 22 July 2022
Frontend Submissions provides a full-featured package to turn your Easy Digital Downloads powered website into a comp...
Updated 15 July 2022
Support multiple currencies and exchange rates.
Updated 15 July 2022
Advanced Reports is a reporting tool that allows you to create in-depth reports for earnings, taxes, and sales based ...
Easy Digital Downloads – Message
Updated 14 July 2022
Being able to communicate directly with customers is important. With EDD Message, this becomes much easier. This exte...
Updated 11 July 2022
Your files are everything. They are the products that you have labored to create, and the entire reason your customer...
Easy Digital Downloads – Software Licenses
Updated 17 June 2022
Software Licensing for Easy Digital Downloads provides a complete license key generation, activation, and checking sy...
Edd Recurring Payments
Updated 31 May 2022
Recurring Payments for Easy Digital Downloads makes it easy to create and sell products with automatically recurring ...
Easy Digital Downloads – Upload File
Updated 19 April 2022
This extension allows your customers to upload files before or after completing an order.
Easy Digital Downloads – Wallet
Updated 19 April 2022
Wallet for Easy Digital Downloads adds a deposit system to your website that allows your customers to purchase store ...
Easy Digital Downloads – Invoices
Updated 1 March 2022
This Invoices extension allows your customers to generate an invoice for their purchase after the purchase is complet...
Easy Digital Downloads - Reviews
Updated 9 February 2022
Reviews for Easy Digital Downloads makes it quick and easy for your visitors and customers to review the products off...
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