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Developer: EDD Team
Version: 1.1.10 report oudated
Updated: 08 January 2024
File status: Original
File name: edd-cross-sell-upsell-1.1.10.zip

easy digital downloads EDD crosssell & upsell 1.1.10

Increase sales by cross-selling and upselling to your customers read more
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Cross-selling is suggesting additional products to your customers that complement what they have already added to their shopping cart. These suggested cross-sell products are shown on the checkout page.

Upselling is suggesting similar, slightly higher value products to a customer than what they are currently viewing — for example, a bundle or package that also includes that product. Upsells are shown on an individual product’s page.

Personalise the headings that appear above your cross-sells and upsells. In the instance where multiple cross-sells are triggered at checkout and the custom heading is not relevant, a generic heading can be configured.

See how well your cross-sells and upsells are performing with a summary of total number of sales and earnings for each product.

View details of a specific payment to see exactly which purchased products were cross-sells and which were upsells.

Export a history of both Cross-sells and Upsells in CSV format, for any month, any year, or any status.

Just like the other logs in Easy Digital Downloads, you can view logs for both cross-sells and upsells. Look under the hood and see all the cross-sells or upsells for a specific payment ID.

Easily translate and use the plugin in your native language.

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How to download easy digital downloads EDD crosssell & upsell 1.1.10

How to install easy digital downloads EDD crosssell & upsell 1.1.10

After click Download button above, you’ll get edd-cross-sell-upsell-1.1.10.zip. Normally, you have to unzip edd-cross-sell-upsell-1.1.10.zip, then find the installable sub-zip to upload to your server or your Wordpress admin area. But there are times you don’t have to do that if there is no sub-zip files inside edd-cross-sell-upsell-1.1.10.zip, e.g there is only one folder inside edd-cross-sell-upsell-1.1.10.zip.

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