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Create user engagement around your content and collect real-time emotions, social sharing data, and much more.

Powerful Features for your Blog

Engage your Audience with Emoji Reactions for WordPress. Turn them on and they go to work for you collecting data on your users.

Learn how your users feel

Get your users engaged with your content. Activate a layout in seconds and start collecting real-time emotional and social data on how your users feel.

Emoji Reactions

JoyPixels Animated Emojis Version 3.5. The Worlds most popular emojis. 200 Flawless and Lightning Fast. Unicode Compliant.

Increase Social Sharing

Create custom buttons to reveal to your social sharing and social pop-ups that will keep your users engaged for longer.

Realtime Analytics

Collect data on your audience's emotions and how they are reacting to your content and sharing your posts.

Take Your Blog to the Next Level

All inclusive Premium WordPress Plugin. No monthly fees or API connections.

One-Click Activation

Deploy your reactions to all posts easily.

Collect Data

Everytime your emojis are clicked on they are stored in your Analytics folder


Generate shortcode in seconds and put your Reactions anywhere.

New Layouts

We have a layout for everyone. Each one is completely customizable.

Social Sharing

Turn on Social Sharing and choose form the top platforms.

Licensed Emojis

200 JoyPixels Animated 3.5 Lottie Emojis. Includes SVG static version.

Realtime Analytics

Collect data on how your audience is reacting to your content and if they are sharing.

Woo Reactions

Insert your emojis into your product pages to increase confidence.


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