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Developer: WP OAuth Server
Version: 4.3.2 report oudated
Updated: 07 February 2023
File status: Activated but some features won't work without a valid API token or license key.
File name: wp-oauth-server-pro-4.3.2.zip

WP OAuth Server Pro 4.3.2 Wordpress Plugin

Connect your app to WordPress or use SSO to connect multiple websites with the same username and passwords. No 3rd... read more
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Connect your app to WordPress or use SSO to connect multiple websites with the same username and passwords. No 3rd party servers are needed with WP OAuth Server. Everything you need is in this plugin.


  • WP REST API Authentication. Provides ability to make authorized calls to protected REST API endpoints.
  • WP REST API Lock Down. Prevent any calls to the REST API unless authorized
  • Unlimited OAuth 2.0 Clients
  • Support for Implicit Flow
  • Built-In Resource Server
  • Automated Authorization Flow (User does not have to see authorization screen)
  • Easily Extend/ Modify the Endpoints
  • OAuth 2.0 PKCE
  • Modern and Legacy JWT authorization support. OAuth 2.0 JSON Web Token Support


  • Authentication Code w/Implicit
  • User Credentials (Pro)
  • Client Credentials (Pro)
  • Refresh Token (Pro)
  • OpenID Connect (Pro)
  • OpenID Discovery
  • Public Clients (Pro)
  • Public Client Proof of Key Exchange (PKCE)


  • Connecting any Custom Mobile and Desktop Application to WordPress’s Backend.
  • Any software or web platform utilizing OAuth 2.0.
  • Allows RocketChat to use WordPress as a Backend.
  • Connects Moodle LMS and use WordPress users.
  • Alexa Skills Authentication
  • Tribe.so Community OAuth 2 SSO Support

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How to download WP OAuth Server Pro 4.3.2 Wordpress Plugin

How to install WP OAuth Server Pro 4.3.2 Wordpress Plugin

After click Download button above, you’ll get wp-desk-omnibus-2.1.1.zip. Normally, you have to unzip wp-desk-omnibus-2.1.1.zip, then find the installable sub-zip to upload to your server or your Wordpress admin area. But there are times you don’t have to do that if there is no sub-zip files inside wp-desk-omnibus-2.1.1.zip, e.g there is only one folder inside wp-desk-omnibus-2.1.1.zip.

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