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uncanny learndash groups 4.3 Wordpress Plugin

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Version: 4.3 report oudated
Updated 25 May 2022
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Group management doesn’t come easy.

If you sell LearnDash courses to organizations, schools, and other groups, you know how painful it can be to get things working.

LearnDash only supports individual sales, and other solutions create rigid groups that don’t allow adding more users or courses.

There’s no front end group management or reporting.

And through all of this, your team is bombarded with questions to keep things running. It takes time and is often confusing.

Your LearnDash groups on autopilot.

Uncanny LearnDash Groups makes it easy for your customers and member organizations to manage their learners in the front endtrack their progress with powerful reports, and buy courses and course licenses.

It means less overhead for you and more control for the organizations you support. Group Leaders can add usersremove users, add coursesadd licensessee course resultsdrill down to quiz answers, and more. All without touching the WordPress back end or asking you for help.

It’s perfect for B2B course sales with LearnDash. Organizations can create their own course bundles that fit their needs. As those needs evolve, they can add more courses and users–entirely on their own. (The plugin works great without ecommerce too, and is a great fit for schools and non-profits with front end group management and reporting.)

Watch the 5-minute overview:

YouTube video

8 ways our Groups plugin helps your business:

  1. Buyers can build their own groups by choosing their own courses and adding as many seats as they want. You don’t need to build a perfect bundle for everyone or coordinate sales.
  2. Organizations can manage their own groups. Add courses and seats. Invite and remove users. No admin oversight required.
  3. Groups get their reporting in the front end. No more anxiety about sending your Group Leaders to /wp-admin/ to get group reports.
  4. Works without eCommerce. Just create the group, group leader and course assignments with our easy-to-use wizard and your group is all set. Great for manual bulk purchases that are too expensive for credit cards!
  5. Simple group enrollment. Organizations can add users, invite users, upload users, and even distribute redemption keys. It’s easy for group reps to add 1 or 1,000 users all at once.
  6. Easy bulk discounts. Built in, no other plugins required. Set up thresholds to discount large quantity purchases. When groups add seats later, they still get the bulk discount!
  7. Simple user registration. When users are invited to a group they register with a simple form and are in, with immediate access to their group and courses.
  8. Customize course content for groups. With a simple shortcode you can show different content to your learners depending on what group they’re in. It’s far easier than creating unique courses for each group if you need to rebrand content!
Software - GPL Coffee

The Best Way to Sell, Manage and Report on LearnDash Groups

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