Learndash - Exchangewp Integration
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Learndash – Exchangewp Integration

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ExchangeWP is easy to use, light-weight shopping cart for WordPress. This add-on allows you to sell your LearnDash created courses with the ExchangeWP shopping cart.

Easy course mapping: When creating a product in Exchange, just select the course you want to associate with the product from the Advanced menu.

Associate one, or multiple courses: Assign one product to your course, or choose to associate multiple courses to create discounted bundles.

Intelligent purchase button: Associate just one course to a product and your visitor will be taken to the product page when clicking on the “Take this Course” button. If you have more than one-course association, they will be taken to your store.

Works with any Exchange payment gateway: Choose any payment gateway that integrates with ExchangeWP (including manual purchase), and your customers will be enrolled into the course.


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