Thrive Themes Focusblog

Thrive Themes Focusblog

The perfect theme for creating simple, clean, conversion-focused blogs or business websites.
Version: 2.2.1
Updated: 11 June 2021
Status: Original
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FocusBlog is a real multi-purpose theme. That means you can use it to create a corporate website, a marketing site with landing pages and sales pages, a site for a local business and much more.

But the theme gets its name from where it shines the most: presenting a beautiful, conversion-focused blog.

Right out of the box you get a clean, professional and uncluttered design with beautiful readability and a layout that makes everything fall naturally into place. Guide your reader’s attention to where it matters most using the eye-catching Focus Area designs, built to put more subscribers on your mailing list and get more clicks for your important links.


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