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Thrive Automator

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Item description

Now you can create smart automations that integrate your WordPress site with your favorite plugins and email marketing tools!

Finally, a WordPress automation tool that expands your site’s capabilities — without costing an arm and a leg

Ever been frustrated that the apps, plugins and services that power your WordPress site can’t work together — especially when a few key integrations would solve important, but niche needs for your business?

Unfortunately, the best you could do until now was spend hundreds to thousands of dollars a year for yet another 3rd party tool that gets some of your WordPress tools interacting with each other…

But what small business can afford spending such cash to gain edge-case automations that should already be part of your website’s DNA?

That’s where Thrive Automator comes in…

It’s an intuitive automation plugin from Thrive Themes that allows you to build workflows that pass data between the different apps, plugins and services (including your email marketing tool) that run your business website.

Thrive Automator lives inside WordPress, meaning it can see what’s happening website-wide — all at once. This gives you the power to trigger automations when users log in, fill out a form, finish a quiz, or complete specific lessons in your online course (just to name a few possibilities)…

The list of available actions and triggers is constantly growing!

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