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Scripts Organizer 3.3.6 Wordpress Plugin

Collections: Addons, Admin, Pro Items
Developer: dPlugins
Version: 3.3.6 report oudated
Updated 08 June 2022
File status: Activated. No extra steps are needed.
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Start making workflow where scripts work for you. Schedule them and sit back and relax. They will be activated/deactivated regardless if you are sleeping, taking a coffee break, or on vacation.

Live Preview

No need to have the website in a new tab and constantly reload the browser to see the changes. Press CTRL + S and reload changes on every save.

Add custom functionality to your WordPress by writing SCSS, CSS, JavaScript, PHP

With Scripts Organizer you can write CSS, Java Script, HTML and PHP. The Header and the Footer blocks are HTML based and wrap scripts and styles in closing tags. In…

Safe mode

No more fear for last-minute online edits. In case of something go wrong we got your back. After every save we are checking if the script is correct and in…

SCSS Partials

Long CSS files can be long and important parts can not be reused. The solution to this is it split your CSS into parts and merge it with Scripts Organizer.…

Inject CSS and JS Location in Header or Footer

By default when you create Code Block and you choose JS, CSS, or SCSS code will be generated as inline Script or Style. And that is great if you are…

Insert Oxygen’s Global Colors

Include Oxygen’s colors with only 1 click. No need to recreate or remember hex values anymore. Color will be included as Oxygen Builder native variable same as you would write…

Schedule Script Date

Daily Easies way to explain this is that daily setting will be run every day without interruptions or any limit. Days This option will unlock the section below to choose…

Schedule Script Time

All Day By the default “All Day” is selected and script will be running all day from 00:00 to 24:00. Time This option will unlock the section below to choose…

Scripts Manager

With this powerful feature, you will be able to enqueue and register scripts and styles and trigger them the same way as any other code you are writing inside Scripts…

Exclude Conditions

Have the option to select the entire website except: “Post types, Handpicked single posts, Taxonomies, or Terms.”

Code Editor

With version 2.0 and above you will get Full Visual Studion code experience. We have integrated Monaco and with that, you will have a feeling like you never left the…


Scripts Organizer We are using native WordPress post logic and with this, you can use WordPress post or pages “Export-Import” plugins. Having an extra plugin is a hassle so we…

Code Navigator

Navigate fast between code blocks with sidebar list without leaving code editor. Code Navigator is available for Code Blocks and SCSS Partials. Code Block Navigator preview Code Block Navigator preview…

Software - GPL Coffee

Advanced Code editor for Wordpress

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: "WordPress Plugins"

Application Category: "Addons"



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