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Profitori Pro E-Commerce ERP Wordpress Plugin

Profitori Pro extends WooCommerce to cater for additional business functions. (The types of features typically provided by Enterprise Resource Planning... read more
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Profitori Pro extends WooCommerce to cater for additional business functions. (The types of features typically provided by Enterprise Resource Planning systems such as Odoo, MYOB, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Netsuite, Xero, erpnext, Zoho, Quickbooks and others). NOTE: You can try the PRO version free for 90 days. No credit card required. Links to PRO download and discount coupon are inside the free version. Modules:
  • Inventory Control
  • Purchasing
  • Accounts Payable
  • Sales Analysis
  • Stocktake
  • Basic CRM
  • Manufacturing / Assembly (PRO)
  • Fulfillment (PRO)
  • Transport (PRO)
  • Serial / Lot Number Track and Trace (PRO)
  • Commissions (PRO)
  • Accounts Receivable (PRO)
  • Accounting (PRO)
  • Pricing
  • Sales Order Entry (PRO)
  • Dashboard (PRO)
Key Features:
  • Label printing with flexible layout, bar codes and QR codes
  • BOM (Bill of Materials) / Product Levels (PRO)
  • Markup (cost plus) Pricing
  • Automatic Discounting based on Customer Group / Product Category / Products
  • Rationing (PRO)
  • Automatic allocation of lots to sales orders (PRO)
  • Shipment Management (PRO)
  • Packing Lists (PRO)
  • Recalls (Lot based) (PRO)
  • Purchase in different units to stocking units
  • Multi-currency
  • Search across all documents and text attachments
  • Customizable with simple Javascript
  • Email PDFs to suppliers and customers
  • Download to Excel
Detailed Module Features: Inventory Control –WooCommerce stock management, tracking and auditing –Inventory Management Page —View stock levels —Customizable fields —User Defined Filters —Search instantly by any field –Manual Stock Adjustments – Dated and annotated for audit purposes —Adjustment Note PDF —Adjustment Report –Inventory History (stock movement transactions) —Audit Inventory Movement –Print product labels —Configurable layout to match any stationery —Print barcodes —-CODE128 CODE128A CODE128B CODE128C EAN13 UPC EAN8 CODE39 ITF14 —-MSI MSI10 MSI11 MSI1010 MSI1110 pharmacode codabar —Print QR codes —Easily select products by any criteria and print in bulk –Average Costing —Automatically adjusted as stock received —Manual adjustments –Value On Hand and other totals —Options such as exclusion of consignment stock –Multiple Warehouses / Locations —View Quantities on Hand and Stock Valuation by Location —Stock Transfers between locations – individual products or in bulk –Stock mirroring: Auto-import stock levels from Suppliers for ease of ordering –Bulk Product Trash based on multiple attributes specified by you –Supercede Product Stocktake –Do full stock takes or generate compartmentalized stocktake from filtered product list –Stocktake Variance Report –Barcode scanning Purchasing –View Short Stock –Forward Cover Report –Supplier Maintenance –Purchase Order Entry —Enter multiple lines including products, fees, shipping, tax, other —Bulk add lines based on various criteria including sales history —Review profit margin and sales history and update Retail Pricing while entering PO lines —Automatic Min-Max Ordering —Print Purchase Order PDF —Email Purchase Order PDF direct to Supplier —Purchase Order Returns —PO CSV export —Draft Purchase Orders —Units of Measure —Multi-Currency –View Overdue POs –Purchase Order Receipts —Partial or Full —Review profit margin and update Retail Pricing —Barcode scanning —Print labels —Delivery Note PDF —Goods Received Report (Intrastat) –Stage and Status Transition Reporting –Purchase Price Changes report –Tax Reporting (e.g. for VAT) –Integration with General Ledger Accounts Payable –Track unpaid Purchase Orders –Optionally enter multiple payments per PO, or simply mark off POs as paid –Enter planned payments –Integration with General Ledger Sales Analysis –Sales and Invoices report –Drill down on sales by product and customer –Analyze Profits —Profits by Supplier —Profits by Category —View Consolidated Profits across multiple sites —Profit charts —–by Supplier —–by Category —–by Week Fulfillment (PRO – free for 90 days, no credit card required) –View Unfulfilled Sales Orders —Do full or partial shipments —Manage order status –Manage and Print Packing Lists –Fulfillment of stock sales requiring assembly —See Quantities to Make —Stock levels of components automatically adjusted —Assemble bundles directly from Packing Lists –Allocations —Rationing of limited stock across multiple customers to deal with supply chain shortages –Drop Ship —Generate PO for sales order, for delivery direct to customer from supplier –Show shipment status in the customer’s My Account page –Shipments —Automatically create shipment records based on quantities fufilled —View and Manage shipments —–Merge shipments —Auto-split WooCommerce Orders to match shipments —Integration with ShipStation —Invoice based on shipments Transport (PRO – free for 90 days, no credit card required) –Bill of Lading Details Maintenance –Bill of Lading PDF –Pallet maintenance (add pallets to shipments) –Pallet Labels –Carriers –Drivers –Trucks –Trailers Serial / Lot Number Track and Trace (PRO – free for 90 days, no credit card required) –Configure specific products to have serial/lot tracking –Enter Serial / Lot Numbers —On Purchase Orders —On Purchase Order Receipts —On Adjustments —On Transfers —On Work Orders (Finished Goods and Components) –Expiry Dates –Automatically allocate lots to Sales Orders in Expiry Date order –Supplier Lot Numbers –Print Lot Numbers on Work Orders –View Lot Balances by Product and Location –View Lot and Serial Numbers on stock movements –Search stock movements by lot number –Print lot numbers on labels Commissions (PRO – free for 90 days, no credit card required) –Sales Agent Maintenance –Associate Sales Agents with Customers and/or individual orders –Set commission percentages –Deductions –Commission Report Accounts Receivable (PRO – free for 90 days, no credit card required) –Generate Invoices based on Shipments –Automatically email invoice to customer on invoice creation, as PDF, with “Pay Now” embedded link –Enter Invoices, Credit Notes and Payments –Maintain Credit Limits –View Customer Balances –Show AR balance and credit limit in the customer’s My Account page –Show unpaid invoices in customer’s My Account page, with “Pay Now” button –Integration with General Ledger Accounting (PRO – free for 90 days, no credit card required) –General Ledger –Built in Chart of Accounts –Automatic posting of Sales, Inventory and other journals –Enter GL Journals –Financial Statements —Profit and Loss (Income Statement) – —Balance Sheet —Tailor to your needs Manufacturing / Assembly (PRO – free for 90 days, no credit card required) –Bundle (BOM) (Product Levels) Maintenance —Optionally show unassembled items as available to purchase on your store (if components are in stock) —Cost roll-ups –Work Order Entry —Generate lines from the BOM –Partial and Full WO Receipts Basic CRM –Add/Edit/Delete Customers from within Profitori –Search, Filter and Sort Customers –Excel Export and Import –Lead Maintenance —Funnel: Lead Type, Lead Status, Lead Probability, Opportunity Size —Convert Leads to Customers –Sales Agent Maintenance –Task Maintenance Pricing –Customer Groups –Markup (Cost Plus) Pricing —Price your products based on what they cost you, plus a percentage markup —Use Last Cost or Average Cost as the price basis –Automatic discounting based on combinations of Customer Groups, Product Categories and Product Lists —Apply to orders created in the store by customers —Apply to orders entered via the Admin console —Apply to orders entered via Profitori (PRO) Sales Order Entry (PRO – free for 90 days, no credit card required) –Create, Edit and Manage WooCommerce Sales Orders from within Profitori –Enter sales Preorders (Booked orders) and Forecast orders (with option to deduct Preorders from available stock levels) —Show Preorders in Customer’s My Account page –Automatically add statutory fee and levy lines (“Imposts”), (e.g. ChemTax, CopySwede), to Preorders and Orders —Based on Customer and Product attributes —Works for orders entered via Profitori and for orders placed on your store –Integration with General Ledger Dashboard (PRO – free for 90 days, no credit card required) –Graphical Charts and tables showing Key Performance Indicators –Flexible – add and arrange panels to see crucial information at a glance –Auto-refreshing to show up-to-the-minute information Useability Features –Global search facility – find any document based on almost any data field –User Defined Filters on all lists —Simple or complex filter expressions –Instant dynamic search on all lists –Store attachments on Purchase Orders, Suppliers and all other main document and entity types –Extract data to Excel –Import data from Excel –Data Integrity protection —Multi-user update conflict protection –Easy migration from ATUM Configuration –Easily adjust PO, Invoice and other PDF formats –User Defined Filters on all Lists and Reports –Customizable with low-code Javascript —Modify any standard Profitori page —Add your own pages –Supports WordPress Multi-site –Supports Polylang –Page-level Security: restrict usage of individual pages to certain users Languages Supported: Chinese, Spanish, Romanian, Indonesian, English, Persian (Farsi), Turkish For full details, download the User Manual (PDF). All of these capabilities are added directly to your WordPress admin console. No additional software, service or hosting is required. All data is stored securely in the same database that holds your WooCommerce data. No data is stored off-site. Profitori is intuitive and easy to use, with clean uncluttered screens and a consistent experience throughout the plugin. Profitori has a very small footprint on your server, as most of the work is done on the client machine inside the browser. Profitori uses modern client-side technologies such as ReactJS for almost all of its functionality. Profitori is fast due to its unique architecture. Data is cached on the client wherever possible, minimizing network traffic and load on the database. Profitori is robust due to our “test first” philosophy. All features were developed using a Functional Test-Driven Approach. This has resulted in a solid core of features that have been, and will continue to be, tested many times, far more than can be achieved with manual testing. Profitori has been built from the ground up with ease-of-extension in mind. Contact us via Support for enhancements – you will be surprised at how quickly and efficiently these can be delivered.

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After click Download button above, you’ll get wp-desk-omnibus-2.1.1.zip. Normally, you have to unzip wp-desk-omnibus-2.1.1.zip, then find the installable sub-zip to upload to your server or your Wordpress admin area. But there are times you don’t have to do that if there is no sub-zip files inside wp-desk-omnibus-2.1.1.zip, e.g there is only one folder inside wp-desk-omnibus-2.1.1.zip.

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