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Order Tracking Premium 3.3.7 WordPress Status Tracking Plugin

Add a full order tracking and management system to your site. Quickly and easily create and update orders, and then... read more
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Add a full order tracking and management system to your site. Quickly and easily create and update orders, and then let customers view them on your site via a modern, responsive tracking form. Since the plugin can be used for the status tracking of anything, not just orders, it’s also a great tool for project management. The plugin includes Gutenberg blocks as well as shortcodes, so you can display your tracking form on any page, no matter which page editing system you are using.


Create an unlimited number of orders

Set up searchable orders or ticket numbers / tracking numbers for customers. Order management made simple! Easily update and change the order status in the plugin admin panel. Create custom statuses tailored to your business.

Require email verficiation to view order tracking.

Order status notifications that automatically send an alert email to a customer whenever an order is created or updated. Choose what order tracking information gets displayed in the results when you place the order shortcode or block on a page. It’s the simplest system for tracking your orders and statuses. Perfect for your shipping company or project management.
Simply insert the Tracking Form block or the shortcode above to add an order tracking form to your site. It’s easy to modify the styling of your tracking form, which will help it to further fit with the look of your site. We provide a list of the most common classes from our plugin, as well as an exmaple of how to implement custom CSS, in our documentation. Status tracking options are available to decide what information is displayed, to print orders, to hide blank fields, to send out order status update emails, order alerts and more! Order management has never been this simple.


  • Hide or delete orders.
  • Hide fields from the tracking page that have no value.
  • Custom order alert emails that can be associated with different statuses (e.g. for order processing, shipments, project deadlines, etc.).
  • Customize the subject and text of all notification emails.
  • Print orders from the tracking page.
  • Add public and private notes to orders.
  • Responsive and customizable CSS.
  • Option for AJAX order tracking results or to display them in a new window.
  • Date format and timezone settings.


Turn on the included WooCommerce tracking integration (premium) to automatically create new orders in our plugin whenever someone checks out via your WooCommerce shop! With this you can provide WooCommerce order updates straight from within this plugin, allowing you to take advantage of the additional WooCommerce tracking features, like custom fields, to provide specific info for your customers.
  • WooCommerce order tracking integration in which, for every new order created via WooCommerce checkout, a new order is automatically created in the Status Tracking plugin.
  • WooCommerce tracking made easy with automatically-assigned order number (with options to add and customize a prefix and/or suffix).
  • WooCommerce order update alert and email automatically sent to the customer with this order number.
  • WooCommerce tracking updates: When an order is updated in WooCommerce, it is also automatically updated in Status Tracking, and vice versa.
  • WooCommerce status notifications: An email will automatically be sent to the customer on order update / status change.
  • Set equivalent status in this plugin for existing WooCommerce statuses to make direct syncing even more powerful.


For even more refined order management, you can create customers and sales reps in the plugin, and then assign orders directly to them. This will make the browsing experience easier for your customers and the order management easier for you.
  • Add a customer tracking form to your site, which displays all of a specific customer’s orders in one table, with links to each individual order’s tracking page.
  • Associate a customer with a WordPress user account, so they can log in to your site (front end, not back end) and see all of their orders without having to enter any tracking information.
  • Associate a sales rep with a WordPress user acconunt, to give them access to a special admin portal where they can manage only those orders assigned to them.
  • You can also add a sales rep tracking form to your site, which displays all of a specific sales rep’s orders in one table, with links to each individual order’s tracking page. This is great if you would prefer that sales reps manage orders form the front end instead of the admin.
  • Both customers and sales reps can download / export their orders straight from the front end.


The premium version also comes with many other additional features to enhance your order status tracking experience and offer the best in order management. These include new layout options, locations, custom fields, and the ability to let customers submit their own orders and to require payment for orders.
  • Create different locations to associate with orders and with specific statuses and updates.
  • Dozens of styling and labelling options to enhance the order tracking experience.
  • PayPal integration to allow/require payment for orders.
  • Customer order form to let customers create their own orders, which can then be managed and updated just like any other order.
  • Custom fields that can be assigned to orders, customers or sales reps. Can be used to display extra information on the tracking page (such as weight, estimated delivery, price, etc.) or to gather extra info in the customer order form.
  • Add Google reCAPTCHA protection to the customer order form.
  • Import orders from a spreadsheet. Great for adding many orders at once or bulk updating existing orders.
  • Export orders to a spreadsheet, to allow for bulk updating or transfer to a different system (e.g. CRM).


The tracking plugin isn’t just for order management and order alerts. By making use of the available premium features, you can transform the plugin into a project management tool. For example, by treating orders as projects, you could:
  • Use the Sales Reps feature to set up project managers and assign specific projects to them.
  • Create customers and assign specific projects and project managers to those customers.
  • Use the available labelling options to customize the wording of your forms and tracking pages (e.g. swap project for orderproject manager for sales rep, etc.) to cater to the project management experience.
With the Order Tracking plugin, you can keep your customers up to date with their order delivery status. Whether it’s for WooCommerce tracking or use as a standalone status tracking solution, the included feature set will take care of all your order tracking needs. You can send a shipping email when the order is placed or is ready, and let your customers track shipping in the easiest way possible. For further information and purchasing options, please visit our order tracking WordPress plugin homepage. ** We are also pleased to offer a free 7-day trial of the premium version, which you can use to test out features like customers and sales reps, as well as the WooCommerce integration and styling options, before buying! **


The Order Tracking plugin is built on a series of templates, such that everything that displays on the front end of the plugin can be customized by creating your own template files (to modify and/or overwrite the existing templates files). This gives you a powerful and non-destructive way to custmoize the look and functionality of your tracking forms and results pages to your exact needs. More info about this can be found in our documentation.


  • Tracking Form: Display the main order tracking form.
  • Customer Form (premium): Display the customer tracking form.
  • Sales Rep Form (premium): Display the sales rep tracking form.
  • Customer Order Form (premium): Display the customer order form.


  • [tracking-form]: Display the main order tracking form.
  • [customer-form] (premium): Display the customer tracking form.
  • [sales-rep-form] (premium): Display the sales rep tracking form.
  • [customer-order] (premium): Display the customer order form.
For a complete list of blocks and shortcodes, and their associated parameters/attributes, please see here. The Status Tracking plugin also includes Zendesk Integration!View the the tutorial on our website for more information on how to set it up.

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