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Oasis Workflow Pro is a powerful, flexible, and visual way to automate your WordPress Editorial Review Process. Get rid of
Version: 8.5
Updated: 25 April 2021
Status: Original
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Oasis Workflow Pro is a powerful, flexible, and visual way to automate your WordPress Editorial Review Process.

Get rid of those out-of-date spreadsheets and multiple to-do-sticky notes for managing your editorial workflow. Oasis Workflow plugin is designed to keep your editorial process flowing in an organized fashion.

What Makes Oasis Workflow Special?

Other than seamlessly integrating workflows with WordPress and world-class support, here are a few more reasons to go with Oasis Workflow

Creating custom workflows with Oasis Workflow is as simple as 1-2-3.

  • Simply drag and drop the processes in the workflow design area
    Connect each of these processes with a pass/fail link.
  • Provide information for each step in the workflow.

You can create workflows in minutes.

Want to update published content WITHOUT taking it offline?

With Oasis Workflow’s revision feature you can revise your published content, let the revision flow through the workflow and finally when the review is complete, let Oasis Workflow copy over the contents to the published article.

Zero Downtime for Your Published Articles

Keep your published article online while working on it’s revision.

Custom Workflows

Control your review process with dedicated workflows for revised articles.

No Hassle Revisions

All content including metadata, attachments, taxonomies, tags are copied/revised out of the box. Use Oasis Workflows hooks to extend copy/make revision feature.

Schedule a Revision Update

Schedule or publish your revised articles at a set date/time.

Process history lets users retrace their steps

  • Captures user and system actions executed in a workflow.
  • Allows to view review comments, sign off timestamps, status and step information.
  • Download the history for further analysis or audit purposes.

Auto Submit to Workflow

  • Allows you to automate your workflow initiation process.
  • Auto launch your workflow by specifying conditions once and sit back and relax. The auto submit engine will process your articles every 2 hours.
  • Saves times and lets you optimize your workflow management.


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