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Masteriyo Pro 2.9.4 Wordpress LMS Plugin

Masteriyo is a WordPress LMS plugin designed for both educators and students, making it easy to create and deliver engaging... read more
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Masteriyo is a WordPress LMS plugin designed for both educators and students, making it easy to create and deliver engaging online courses. It has a user-friendly interface and many features, such as course creation tools, quizzes, assignments, progress tracking, and payment integration. Whether you are an experienced educator or just starting out, our plugin provides everything you need to create and sell successful online courses. Try it out today and experience the benefits for yourself! But that’s not all. Masteriyo also has an in-built order system that simplifies the payment process for you and your students. And with seamless WooCommerce integration, you can easily manage orders, subscriptions, and memberships. And with our certificate builder, you can create professional-looking certificates that your students can showcase to their peers.

Masteriyo LMS Features

Masteriyo LMS is power packed with incredible LMS features to help you create an online learning platform. Here’s a brief detail of each feature offered by this WordPress online course plugin.
  • Easy Drag & Drop Course Builder: Create, edit, and manage your courses effortlessly with an easy drag and drop course builder. Forget the pain of wandering around different pages to create a single course. Our one-stop interface allows you to create the courses right from one place.
  • Section and Lesson Builder: Create different sections and add unlimited lessons with ease. You can also upload featured images and videos. Our WordPress LMS plugin fully supports YouTube, Vimeo, and self-hosted videos.
  • Effortless Quiz Builder: Quizzes enhance the fun of taking courses plus strengthen the students’ understanding of the topics. With our easy quiz builder, one can create multiple quiz types like True/False, Single Choice, or MultiChoice questions to evaluate the students’ progress through the course.
  • Sell Courses: Besides creating online courses, selling them should also be as easy as anything else. That’s why we have our own inbuilt order system, so you don’t need to go through the hassle of installing a separate eCommerce plugin to sell your courses. Masteriyo supports both PayPal and offline payment out of the box.
  • Setup Wizard: Setting up Masteriyo LMS plugin on your WordPress site is just a walk in a park. A minimal learning curve means more time to manage and focus on what you are good at.
  • Clean User Interface, Well-designed, and Modern Course Builder: Masteriyo LMS is a modern course builder plugin that is unique, well-thought, and beautifully designed. It comes with a clean and minimalistic interface that pleases your eyes.
  • Interactive Learning Page: A Learning page denotes the pages where students interact with the courses after enrollment. We’ve focused on making the learning page as smooth as silk for a better learning experience with Masteriyo powered by React JS. So, the learning page looks excellent in terms of both design and functionality.
  • Interactive Learning Page Header: The header in the learning page comprises the site logo to return to the homepage of the site, course informative progress bar, and the student account.
  • Course Progressive Bar: Interactive learning page comes with a dynamic course progressive bar at the top that helps students locate at which step of the course curriculum they are at. It provides students with ideas about the part of the course they’ve completed and the remaining parts that are yet to be completed. This percentage meter also encourages them to complete the course.
  • Learning Page Course Navigation: You’ll also find a vertical navigation section for courses at the left side of the learning page. It helps you navigate through all the sections, lessons, and quizzes of the course curriculum.
  • Distraction-Free Learning Page: We strongly believe that students should be able to focus on their courses entirely. And that’s why we have put our utmost effort into making the learning page free of any distractions. The page is independent of your site design and based on React JS for a better learning experience. Additionally, students also get the complete freedom to hide the header and navigation section of the learning page if they want to.
  • Questions and Answers in Learning Page: Taking courses becomes more fun and effective if students interact better with the instructor and other fellow students. That’s precisely why we have a dedicated section for questions and answers on the learning page.
  • Students Account Page: Masteriyo LMS comes with a beautiful student account page from where every student can get a quick overview of the courses they have enrolled in or purchased. They can also edit other information related to their account.
  • Compatible with Any WordPress Theme: Our WordPress LMS plugin follows the best coding practices so, it fits well with any WordPress theme. Hence, there’s no doubt that the plugin automatically blends into your WordPress theme design.
  • Course Archive Page: All the courses you create are displayed beautifully and in an organized manner on a course archive page.
  • No Coding Required: Masteriyo is a wonderful LMS plugin designed with simplicity in mind. Therefore, you don’t need to have any coding skills to set and use this plugin. Even a beginner and non-tech savvy can build an online course with ease.
  • Responsive Design: It doesn’t matter whether your students browse your eLearning website from laptops, desktops, or various hand-held devices like mobiles, iPhones, tablets, etc. Your LMS website is sure to look pixel-perfect with our fully responsive WordPress LMS plugin.
  • Dashboard Analytics: Get detailed course reports that include an overall count of courses, enrolled courses, lessons, quizzes, questions, instructors, students, Q&A, and reviews. Also, keep track of the enrollment data over time and sales stats.
  • Review System: Let the logged-in students provide honest feedback about your courses. Easily manage reviews (view, edit, trash, or mark spam) from one place and apply a filter to find reviews. You can also approve and reply to the approved reviews according to your need.
  • External URL Video Support [Premium]: Seamlessly integrate video links from external sources, such as Google Drive, OneDrive, and so on, to enrich your content.
  • Webhooks: Automatically send your data to the specified URL whenever the chosen events take place on your LMS website with webhooks. You can give a name and add a description to the webhook. You can also choose the destination URL to send data and select an event to trigger the webhook.
  • Elementor Compatible: The compatibility of Masteriyo with the popular Elementor page builder plugin enables you to design visually appealing courses to captivate your students.
  • Support for SEO Plugins: Ensure that your courses are search engine-friendly for higher rankings in search result pages with support for popular SEO plugins like Yoast SEO and Rank Math.
  • Compatible with Cache Plugins: Masteriyo also seamlessly integrates with WordPress cache plugins like Hummingbird, LiteSpeed, W3TotalCache, WPOptimize, WPRocket, etc., for a blazing fast LMS website with consistent performance.
  • WordPress Block Editor Ready: Utilize the power of Gutenberg blocks to create attractive course pages easily. Masteriyo comes with two custom blocks: Course List and Course Categories, for effective course organization. Besides, you can also leverage the four different certificate blocks for building stunning certificates.
  • Email Verification: Masteriyo has built-in email verification for new user registrations. This adds an extra layer of security by confirming the email address is valid. Users must click a verification link sent to their inbox before accessing your LMS site.
  • Translation Ready: Effortlessly translate your LMS website into multiple languages to reach students across diverse geographical locations.
  • Course Visibility Option: In Masteriyo, you have the option to enable or disable course visibility to the logged in students. This feature allows instructors and administrators to have control over who can view the course.
  • Quiz Import/Export: Ensure a smooth and error-free import and export of all your existing quizzes within Masteriyo in JSON format. Easily transfer course quizzes from your old site to your new one without any hassle.
  • Advanced Email Settings [Premium]: Effortlessly toggle email notifications on or off for different situations. Simply decide if Site Admins, Instructors, and Students get emails when new orders come in, when new instructors join, or when students sign up or have their instructor applications declined. Further, you can also personalize the email content to match your branding.
  • Course Subscription or Recurring Prices [Premium]: Give your students the choice of course subscriptions or recurring payments through PayPal and Stripe. Simplify payment processing for both parties and ensure a steady income for your eLearning business.
  • User Import/Export System: Masteriyo simplifies administrative tasks with its CSV-based user import export feature. Users can bulk upload and update by mapping CSV columns to fields, and the export function provides basic user details like name and username.
  • Course Content Access: Allows admins and instructors to preview course content without enrolling. This eliminates the need for full enrollment, simplifying oversight and readiness checks.
  • Bulk Students and Instructors Export to CSV [Premium]: Enables administrators to effortlessly export student, instructor, and user lists to CSV files. With just one click, users can export any user list page into a spreadsheet-friendly format, facilitating easy bulk data transfer for analysis.
  • GDPR Compliance: Masteriyo is fully GDPR compliant, ensuring all essential user data privacy regulations are met. It enables you to manage privacy policy consent messages easily. Besides, it also allows linking the Privacy Policy Page to the consent message for an in-depth understanding of your LMS site’s policy.

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