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Developer: WebFactory
Version: 5.52 report oudated
Updated: 26 March 2023
File status: Activated but some features won't work without a valid API token or license key.
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Maps Widget Pro for Google Maps 5.52

Tired of buggy & slow Google Maps plugins that take hours to setup? With Maps Widget for Google Maps you’ll... read more
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Tired of buggy & slow Google Maps plugins that take hours to setup? With Maps Widget for Google Maps you’ll have a perfect map with a thumbnail & lightbox in minutes! No nonsense Google maps – we know you’re in a hurry! Join 100,000+ happy Google maps users. If you’ve already switched to Gutenberg grab our free Google Maps Gutenberg Block plugin. General Google Maps Widget options
  • title
  • address
Thumbnail Google map options Maps Widget for Google Maps thumbnail uses the Google Maps Static Maps API. It loads the entire google map in only one request compared to 20+ requests it takes other Google maps plugins to load them. This ensures your site loads as fast as possible!
  • Custom google map size – map width & map height
  • Choose any google map type you prefer – road map, satellite map, terrain map, hybrid map, or custom map image to save money on API calls (PRO only)
  • Plenty of google map color schemes – default, blue, bright, gowalla, gray, gray #2, mapbox, midnight, neon, refreshed, paper, ultra light + any custom google map style you build in PRO
  • zoom level
  • pin type
  • pin color
  • pin size
  • pin label
  • custom map pin icon – any image can be used
  • 1500+ map pins library in PRO
  • link type – lightbox map, custom URL, replace thumbnail map with interactive google map (PRO), immediately show interactive google map (PRO) or disable link
  • image format
  • google map language
  • hide widget title
  • text above google map
  • text below google map
Interactive Google map options Interactive google maps loads in a lightbox or as an in-place replacement for the thumbnail Google map if your using Maps Widget for Google Maps PRO. It has all the standard interactive google map features users are accustomed too.
  • lightbox size – map width & map height (auto-adjusted on smaller screens) or fullscreen map in PRO
  • map mode – place + in PRO: directions, search, view & google street view
  • map type – road & satellite
  • map color scheme – 15 map styles & any custom google map style in PRO
  • pins clustering – PRO feature
  • map zoom level
  • lightbox skin – light, dark + 20 extra in PRO
  • lightbox features – close on overlay click, close on esc key, close button & show map title
  • map language
  • header text
  • footer text
  • by using the [gmw id=”#”] shortcode you can display the google map in any page, post, or custom post type (PRO feature)
Multiple Pins
  • full clustering and filtering support for pins on Google maps – demos available on site
  • you can add unlimited pins with custom markers and descriptions to thumbnail and interactive Google maps (PRO feature)
  • every map pin has the following options: show on the map thumbnail and/or interactive map, set custom map pin image, set on-click behavior: open custom description bubble, open URL in new/same tab or do nothing
PRO version of Maps Widget for Google Maps offers more than 50 extra features and options including multiple map pins support, map pin clustering, pins library, skins, export, import and widget cloning features, Google Analytics integration and premium, USA based support. Read more about the PRO version on the official Maps Widget for Google Maps site.
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How to download Maps Widget Pro for Google Maps 5.52

How to install Maps Widget Pro for Google Maps 5.52

After click Download button above, you’ll get Normally, you have to unzip, then find the installable sub-zip to upload to your server or your Wordpress admin area. But there are times you don’t have to do that if there is no sub-zip files inside, e.g there is only one folder inside

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