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Gamipress – Daily Login Rewards

Add daily rewards to perform your site visits
Developer: GamiPress
Version: 1.1.0
Updated: 20 January 2021
Status: Original
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Daily Login Rewards gives you the ability to award your users for log in to your website daily.

With just a few controls, you will be able to create calendars with rewards for daily log ins and set any limitation as you want like force consecutive log ins with penalties or limit by a time period.

Also, Daily Login Rewards let’s you configure which calendars to show on a pop-up when user successfully earns a new reward for log in and includes a configurable stamp effect that will make them look impressive.

Place any calendar of rewards anywhere, including in-line on any page or post, using a simple shortcode, or on any sidebar through a configurable widget.

Daily Login Rewards extends and expands GamiPress adding new activity events and features.


  • Ability to create as many calendars of rewards as you like.
  • Set as completion requirement the consecutive log in and the penalty for not log in consecutively.
  • Ability to make calendars available by a limited time (with start and/or end date).
  • Make any calendar repeatable limited or unlimited times.
  • Set as completion requirement the completion of other calendars to being started with a new one.
  • Configure which calendars to show on a pop-up when user earns a new reward.
  • Stamp effect to let user know which rewards has already earned.
  • Configure the display options for each calendar of rewards like columns or rewards image sizes.
  • Settings to enable multiple log in rewards with which you will allow your users earn multiple rewards the same day.
  • Shortcode to place any calendar of rewards anywhere (with support to GamiPress live shortcode embedder).
  • Widget to place any calendar of rewards on any sidebar.

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