EventON: Virtual Plus

Extends EventON virtual events features beyond basics.
Version: 0.1
Updated: 5 February 2021
Status: Original
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A virtual Event World Awaits Your Audience

Power up your eventON virtual experience with real-time virtual event info updates to building a powerful paid virtual event access system.

Real-time Heartbeat Refresh

Enable virtual event information on single event page to refresh auto, to load appropriate content.

Jitsi Moderator Control

When using Jitsi, moderator of the event can end and restart live video access to guest when they desire. After event end time pass or before.

Pre-Event Information

Share downloadable handouts or video guides before the event starts for your audience to enjoy.

When to show Pre-Event

Set when you want attendees to start seeing the pre-event information.

Set After Event Content Duration

Enable after event content and set how long you want to show those content from the event end time.

Guests to Live Access (RSVP/Tickets)

With RSVP or Tickets addon, virtual plus addon will allow guests to sign-in before accessing virtual event information. Using ActionUser event manager, you can see who have signed in already.

Event countdown with Countdown Addon

Combine with countdown timer addon to show before event countdown timer on eventcard. That will auto load virtual access when timer runs out.

Ask to leave reviews with Reviewer Addon

Combine with Reviewer Addon to show leave reviews button once event is over.